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Asus motherboards + G.Skill memory: Cold boot issues and possible workaround

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    Just my two cents here. I have no cold boot problems with the set (partial info of my system only) below:
    Asus P7P55D EVO , i7-860, 2xGSkill Ripjaws F3-12800-CL7-4GBRM (total 8GB), WIN7Pro-64Bit running overclocked CPU-3.806GHz (BCLK 173, 22 multi), RAM-1730MHz (10:2 divider, 8-9-8-24-1T), Intel 160GB G2 SSD for OS, 2xSamsung Spinpoint F3 in RAID1 for storage.
    Edit: RAM voltage 1.65V.

    The only "problem" I had after setting-up this system was that divider 10:2 did not work: no POST or BSOD right after desktop was loaded with default settings. After loading a new bios version and few CMOS reset and loading default bios settings with 'auto' everywhere in bios problem was solved.

    Now, after 4 months in operation and after couple hundreds of cold boots, no BSODs caused by memory EXCEPT sometimes recovering from sleep mode causes restart (not counting BSOD's when I have OC'ed my system too far). This, however, is most certain a problem with motherboard, not with memory.
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      returned my ram and got two new sticks

      I received my new ram yesterday and installed. Computer booted right up. Computer also booted this morning without problems. Looking good so far. I'll need to cold boot a few more times before I am comfortable giving this computer to the person I am building it for.



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        Hey Swbogie, did the cold boot issue go away?


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          Yes, no more cold boot BSODs. Everything is stable. Thanks G skill for quick turn around time. If you haven't RMAed your ram I suggest you do so unless you have time to waste.


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            That is good to hear, Swbogie! I've already got new ram module (and a new one); fingers and toes are crossed for tomorrow morning's ritual memtest boot. Geez, feels like a school exam... these flashbacks can't be healthy.


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              Geez, Loz.... Your username predicts failure.

              I just ordered 2, 4 gig sets of CL7 1600 ECO for my new P55 build. I have confidence in the folks at G.Skill. The last time I built a PC was 5 years ago and it was a single core FX-57 and I can't even remember the brand of the DDR. This is my first G.Skill.

              Having worked in quality control in the electronics industry in the past, I've seen unexplained DOA that tested good at the factory only to arrive at the client site and fail immediately. It happens. What counts is how you handle it on the back end.
              Etiam In Pugna, Semper Fidelis!


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                Mudmarine, thanks!

                Good news is that upon replacing the RAM with new ones (same model) this morning's cold boot to Memtest was successful with no errors reported on single pass.


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                  Hello i had same cold boot issues with M4A785TD-V EVO mobo and Gskill Ripjaws F3-10666CL8D-4GBR and i RMA,ed theme and the new replacements work great.I think there was possible a bad run and they replaced them no questions asked. Great job GSKILL will purchase without a question in the future.Ram runs great. Allso i am useing a AMD Pheneom II 720 Black and get full speeds.


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                    Hey, guys i just opened an account to shed some light about this same issue. I've been having this issue from a bundle package my mom bought on new egg. first the hard reboots fried her WD cavalier blue. then i got smarter. i talked to Asus tech and they told me that issues like these are usually due to bad memory (way to pass the buck man). i thought the modules were not bad because ONCE I WARMED THE PC UP i could run memtest86+ for days straight and the system would preform just fine. So this is what i did for a work around of the issue and it seems to work until i get my RMA request back. NOTE: RMA your chips!

                    I turned off reboot on error, then turned off most sleep features in power management. I left all bois setting on auto except dram freq at 533 (which is what it should be anyways). i also turned off quick boot, and delayed bootup as much as possible.

                    some times i will get the cold boot issue, but i will just leave the BSOD sit there for around 2minutes. then restart and it seems to clear itself right up.

                    She is running win 7 x64
                    ASUS m4a785td-m evo
                    2x2gb f3-1066cl8d-4gbrm ripjawz
                    athlon ii x2 @2.9 ghz c2

                    just like that post before about the ASUS tech saying it was a "bit" error. I was also told this by g skill tech support. For all the time spent going through mini dumps i should have been calling these people.

                    default bios settings except aforementioned.

                    this was a computer built by a local guy for my mom too. So every time there is a problem she don't call that numb nuts but me. I don't think he would have ever found a resolution.

                    thanks for all your hard work i hope everyone gets there new gear to run stable and error free


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                      There are a number of issues that are involved here, and I for one wish all the involved manufactures would clarify their compatibility claims.

                      To solve many of the issues they should lay down the exact specs of their basis for compatibility.

                      Starting with mobo manufacturers - they should - in addition to providing a RAM compatibility list also provide what CPUs are required to run a particular speed of RAM, as an example some mobos may be able to run 1600 or better sticks, but you need a 965/955 or so to run them.

                      The CPU manufacturers, especially AMD, should provide exact data on each of their CPUs as to what RAM is what quantity. example

                      1. AMD has CPUs that won't run 1066 or better RAM...period.
                      2. They have a number of CPUs that, at 1066 or better, can only run 1 stick per channel.
                      3. They have CPU's that can run 1066, but nothing much higher.
                      4. Within a given series of CPUs, lets say Model XXX, it may be out on the market in a number of different revisions, where some can run 1333 and others can't.....again period i.e. you and Joe can go to the same store and both buy a Model XXX, take them home and build identical system w/ 1333 sticks yet one works and the other doesn't.
                      5. And let's not forget, AMD is not well known for having a strong Memory Controller (in any of their CPUs)

                      As for the DRAM manufacturers, it's my feeling that when laying out their compatibility lists, they also should list the setup used.

                      What everybody needs to keep in mind that basically, for any of them to do as shown, i.e. the DRAM makers, they would have to have and test 1 of each flavor of all the CPUs made by Intel and AMD....and test them on every socket centric compatible mobo, the costs of which would have to be passed on to the consumer.

                      Same for the mobo makers.

                      What might make everything easiest is if the CPU makers would add to their current labeling the specifics as to what, realistically, each of their CPUs can run.


                      Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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                        qft man! this guy that build my mom's system did not read anything about the components he put into it. just bought a bundle off the Egg. And one other thing dudes like you and me the pick and choose every component researching them thoroughly. While others just get the package deal leaving it to new egg to know better. well they don't for the most part. When of if ever someone buys a component kit from Egg research all the components.

                        thanks guys


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                          This sounds like an issue i am currently having with my G.Skill F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH set. I leave my computer off for 2 days, i turn it back on and i get a memory management error upon logging in windows everytime unless i make a minor change such as:

                          With error - 7-7-7-21 1T
                          No error - 7-7-7-24 1T

                          Voltages are at 1.52

                          This small change seems to make me completely stable until the next cold boot. When i get another cold boot, i simply go back to the 7-7-7-21 CL1 timing and it is stable yet again, very odd problem. Shall i send in an RMA request?

                          I am also running an overclock on an I5 @ 3.8 so the ram is a 2:8 ratio sitting at 1502 or something close from 1333. But still, at this overclock after makinga cold boot stable with the minor adjustment mentioned above, in memtest, prime, and LinX with 25 runs.
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                            Cheffy, you might want to drop the Command Rate to 2T

                            Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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                              To nasphame

                              I see your running same board as mine just M instead of V and same memory F3-10666CL8D DDR-1333. You should be setting in bios on these boards for that memory 667 for 1333 speeds. I rma,ed the memory and the new ones run great.As tradesman stated some AMD cpu,s can handle these speeds and some can not i must be one of the lucky one as my AMD Phenom IIx3-720 BL does. Good luck with new memory


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                                More comments

                                To add to earler post. When i recieved new memory i set in bios 8-8-8-24- with slight voltage bump.It stated these timeings on the package.I see alot of people seting them to 8-8-8-21@1.5. I think there is spec,s on the egg for this memory thats a typo.Full lable on mine states F3-10666CL8D-4GBRM, DDR-1333,PC3-10666, 2048MBx2, CL8-8-8-24 1.5v


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