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Post your issues with the Trident RGB Control software here

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  • Thanks Texy,

    We'll see what we can find with this as a starting base.


    • Originally posted by G.SKILL View Post

      Can you post the settings for the lighting effect you've set? Best if screenshot of the software can be provided.
      Here is the screenshot it also does not work and switches to the normal rgb setting after like one circle.
      Attached Files


      • Originally posted by Yus4ku View Post

        Here is the screenshot it also does not work and switches to the normal rgb setting after like one circle.
        The screenshot you provided turns off the LED control within the Trident Z Lighting Control software. (If the "LED OFF" button has a filled circle, it will enable "LED OFF". If it has an empty circle, it will disable "LED OFF".)

        So if the memory modules are changing into another lighting effect or to other colors, it's likely that you have another RGB software, such as ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, or ASRock PolyChrome, that's running in the background and is controlling the memory module lighting.


        • This is not an issue but rather a feature request. Could Rainbow (and others) allow you pick the colours to be used like how currently static profile allows you too.


          • Just wanted to say thank you for putting up with my stupidity. I totally forgot that i had mystic light still installed. It tried to constantly change the lighting to a rainbow.

            Thank you for the help



            • Lighting Control not detecting RAM stuck in DRAM with rainbow cycle
              OS: Win 10 pro x64 build 19041
              Motherboard: MSi X99A Krait
              Ram: F4-3000C15-8GTZR

              I have already tried the clean uninstall with the .bat file and reinstalling lighting control software


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