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Help overclocking F4-4000C19D-32GTZR on asus maximux XI extreme with i9 9900k

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    Can you please check that I set these correctly ?

    The pc started at 3800 mhz but not at 3900 mhz

    So we went from 3600 to 3800 mhz.

    Regarding the program, I installed it , but it seems it is not working for my system
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      yep that were the right ones

      and DRAM Voltage is set to 1.40V ? (and for testing you can use 1.45V it is not a problem, but don`t go above 1.5V)

      VCCIO 1.15, VCCSA 1.25, DRAM Voltage 1.4V ?

      please try 1.20V vccio and 1.30V vccsa too

      if there is no effect to get the 3900 then try

      tCAS = DRAM CAS# Latency = 19
      tRAS-CAS = DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay = 19
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        It did not boot at 3900 despite all the changes


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            Do you think that at this point the best solution would be to return this ram and get one of these 3 ?




            what annoys me is this all false marketing of asus and gskill about their z390 motherboards and rams with "super speed" of 4000 mhz and above , when the reality is that these new rams and new motherboards do not work at the speed advertised and the end result is that we have to still buy old ram that is meant for z370 motherboards
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              i think it is more easy to reach higher clock rates if you use one of these three kits.
              I would choose GTZR with window in the case and if not maybe GTZSW. Maybe GTZR.
              These two are listed in QVL

              Your dual ranked kit is tricky... best is 2x8 single ranked followed by 4x8 single ranked ...

              if you give your dual rank kit a last chance test

              DRAM CAS# Latency = 19
              DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay = 26
              DRAM RAS# ACT Time = 46

              DRAM Voltage 1.45V
              please try 1.20V vccio and 1.30V vccsa

              if it will not work change it for 4x8 single ranked GTZR and please report if it will run @ 4000MHz or 4133MHz@ 19 19 19 39


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                I still can not go past 3800 MHz with the setting you just suggested :-(
                Thank you so much for helping me.

                According to gskill support, the rams that are in the list here should work on my oc at the specified mhz.

                Do you think I should get 1 of these below







                or should I go for what you suggested ?


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                  F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR 1.45V -> DDR4-4266, CL17-18-18-38

                  F4-4133C17Q-32GTZR 1.40V -> DDR4-4133, CL17-17-17-37

                  so F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR is pushed with higher voltage, so i think both are equal... i think i would take F4-4133C17Q-32GTZR

                  if the promised 4133MHz are working you can go higher and you can push the voltage up to 1.45V


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                    Ok! Let's try! I am going to order the F4-4133C17Q-32GTZR and wait until the last moment to return the other ram.

                    Do you think going for 64 gb is not worthed ?


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                      with 64gig you will stuck@ 3800MHz too and i see no benefit from 64gig ram if you are a gamer

                      maybe some future AAA titles will suffer on 16 gig ... 64gig if you want to use a ram drive or maybe video editing ...


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                        I use my pc to play high pc demanding vr games but I also do a lot of video conversion .

                        Would there be a lot of difference in the pc between 3800 mhz and 4133 mhz ?
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                          in the past i did some tests in cpu limiting settings, with Gigabyte Z370 HD3P i was limited to DDR4@3866MHz so i did some comparison between 2666MHz stock clock (Cl 16 16 16 30) & 3866MHz (Cl 16 16 16 30)

                          here is one example with my i7 8700k (4800MHz uncore), as you can see there is a high benefit on RAM OC and CPU & RAM OC together makes a big difference in Farcry 5, average fps and min fps

                          (as far as i can remember i used 5 runs and arithmetic average, GTX 1080Ti @ 2076/6264MHz)

                          one more example between DDR4@3866MHz (Cl 16 16 16 30) and DDR4@4133MHz (Cl 17 17 17 32) in compressing rate with win rar (5.50)

                          i7 8700k@5300MHz DDR4@3866MHz:

                          i7 8700k@5300MHz DDR4@4133MHz:

                          3800MHz VS 4133MHz
                          workload which needs high bandwith you gain some percent
                          games which benefits from low latency it will push the min fps some percent if they were caused by cpu limitation

                          your i9 9900k has 2 more physical cores so it will benefit more than my old i7 8700k from higher bandwith ( it is harder to feed 8 cores with the same bandwith than 6 cores )
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                            I have ordered the Let's hope it will run as advertised.
                            G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 4133 (PC4 33000) Desktop Memory Model F4-4133C17Q-32GTZR
                            As soon as we confirm all is good, I will return the other ram


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                              I have got the new ram.
                              I have set it to 4133 mzh and everything else in auto and it is not booting


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                                ok. I am wrong. It worked ! I set the bios to xmp I and it works with all the auto settings :-)

                                Would you help me to optimize it please and then maybe to overclock my cpu ?

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