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Help overclocking F4-4000C19D-32GTZR on asus maximux XI extreme with i9 9900k

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    Originally posted by hq-hq View Post
    memtest will run on windows 10,

    i give you an example picture (i have six cores 12 threads, i use 6x memtest for high load stability test and 12x memtest for extreme load stability test -> you have 8 cores so you can check with 8x or 16x)
    Hi . I have rum memtest with 8 open memtest windows and set at 200 and i have got blue screen.

    I set these

    VCCIO = 1.20V
    VCCSA = 1.30V


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      For water cooling , what Is one of the best custom loops to buy? Do they leak? What sort of maintainance water cooling needs? I only used air cooling in my life.

      is a 360mm water cooling good enough? Which one is a great one?


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        bluescreen ->

        1. watch your temps while testing - quick and easy is CoreTemp
        2.1 please try lowering VCCIO to 1.15V and VCCSA to 1.25V first, if you can boot please raise DRAM Voltage to 1.45V and check again with 8x memtest -
        2.2 if 1.20V IO and 1.30V SA is needed you can try raising DRAM Voltage to 1.45V
        2.3 if 1.20V IO and 1.30V SA and 1.45V DRAM Voltage doesn't help, try 1.25V IO 1.30V SA and at least 1.25V IO and 1.35V SA
        (2.4 please test CPU OC, Uncore OC and DRAM OC seperate and not all together)

        Water cooling, i bought my first water cooling 2006 and i use since today Push-IN connectors G1/4 & PUR pipes 10mm/8mm (outer/inner diameter). If you cut the pipes straight you will never get leakage.
        Your noctua nh-d15 is very big and powerful, so you need at least a 360mm radiator to perform this one out.

        good cpu cooler is cuplex kryos NEXT

        no need for a thick radiator, you need much surface and copper so if possible buy something like this: Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 420mm //

        atm i use chinese stuff after 12 years of eheim pumps

        and this one (sorry for the german link):

        you can try Magicool MC-DCP450

        AND if you can use LiquidMetal (never use LiquidMetal for aluminium parts; on glossy surface it is tricky to use but you can do it; if you have roughened surface copper // copper LiquidMetal becomes like a indium soldering over time)

        you should give your noctua a chance with liquid metal or if you don`t like liquid metal you can take a good thermal paste like thermal grizzly kryonaut ( don`t forget to warm it a little bit up it becomes more smooth)
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          These are the results when everything was set to auto andI got blue screen after a few minutes in the test

          VCCIO to 1.15V and VCCSA to 1.25V and DRAM Voltage to 1.45V , the pc gives me blue screen during windows booting

          1.20V IO and 1.30V SA and DRAM Voltage to 1.45V , I am in windows


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            everything on auto ...

            VCore = ~1.370V
            VCCIO = 1.328V
            VCCSA = 1.392V

            CPU Clock = 5000 MHz
            Uncore Clock = 4300 MHz (standard)
            DDR4 Clock = 4133 MHz (17 17 17 37)

            VCore for 5000MHz (AVX Offset=0) is little bit high but maybe necessary for 5000MHz@AVX


            "1.20V IO and 1.30V SA and DRAM Voltage to 1.45V , I am in windows"

            test if it will run without errors
            i advice you to stop raising voltage above 1.30V VCCIO and 1.35V VCCSA
            and i don`t believe your noctua can handle 1.37V VCore at very high loads (games should work)
            5000MHz allcore is nice to have, in games you can benefit from Uncore OC too.
            Best is Uncore=CPU Clock, as i know you will end up somewhere at 4700-4900MHz (uncore), depends on your cpu and how much your VCore is
            please test Uncore (cache) OC separate
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              Hi . Sorry for the not reply. I feel very dum on this and I really do not know where to put my hands on to make this work


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                no problem,

                your last post with the logfile shows you run the CPU @ 5.00GHz and RAM @ 4133MHz Cl 17 17 17 37

                thats good.

                what i would do if i know that cpu runs @ 5ghz and ram @ 4133mhz

                -> i would first reduce cpu speed to 4.7ghz and test 8x memtest at the same time to check for ram@4133mhz at auto voltages for stability
                -> second i would raise cpu speed to 5.0ghz (auto voltage, and ram can stay at 4133mhz) and test with prime 95 30min@"1344" as shown in the picture some posts before
                -> third i would raise cpu cache (uncore) clock to 4.7ghz and check again 8x memtest to 100% and 30 min prime95 30min@"1344"

                after that i would try to set manual voltages for VCCIO VCCSA a bit lower than on auto and test again with memtest - till it is unstable and than i go to the last good voltage
                then i would reduce cpu voltage to manual for example 1.35v (should be a bit lower than on auto) and test it with prime - till it is unstable and now i use the last good voltage

                at the end you know how much each voltage has to be

                i know, you have to spend some time... if you are happy on 5.0GHz CPU and 4133MHz RAM with auto voltages ... ok :-)
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                  Hi! I got a blue screen today while converting a video file. so i guess my pc is not stable afterall :-(

                  I think the problem might be cooling.

                  I am thinking that before doing any test maybe we should look into moving from air to water cooling.

                  What do you think?

                  I have never used water cooling and I am not sure what problems I could face and how much of maintenance it needs and when the maintenance is needed/figure out when is needed before something bad happens. . Would you suggest? Is there any easy water cooling system that could be better than the noctua? You suggested some before, but is there any plug and play/easy to mount?


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                    with push in connectors it is like plug and play, you need a very sharp knife for straight cut
                    since ~13 years without leakage using PUR tubes

                    i use demineralised water and ethyl alcohol

                    and i don`t like AIO Watercooling Systems.... maybe there are some reviews on tom`s hardware

                    first please get your system stable @ stock CPU clock, RAM @ 4133MHz
                    after that check the temperature @ 4700MHz after at least 30min PRIME "1344", post your logfile from the last 2mins
                    please read the old posts for PRIME settings

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                      Hi. I am getting a lot of blue screen with an error message .

                      This happens while video converting mainly


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                        looks like not enough voltage for the cpu

                        you need to post your temps, clock rates and voltages
                        have you ever tested your new ram with stock cpu clocks and voltage with memtest.... sometimes it is needed to go one step back first