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Solution for those who can't get g.skill software to uninstall and reinstall

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  • Solution for those who can't get g.skill software to uninstall and reinstall

    If we could get this sticked if others find that it works for them, which I'm willing to bet it will, that would be great. Also, I highly recommend disabling RGB Fusion after it gets the RGB's on your mobo doing their assigned color cycle scheme (Ctrl+Alt+Esc > find RGBFusion.exe and then kill process). It's not needed to sustain a given RGB profile, and it has other serious problems, such as preventing the display from going to sleep. I would recommend uninstalling it completely as it's definitely the cause of the problems with G.Skill Trident Z software (I didn't have this issue with "No modules found on this computer" with an older version of RGB Fusion, at least not as often) but I'm using it because one of my addressable RGB's, an EK reservoir, is overly bright and looks out of place unless I use RGB Fusion to turn down the brightness.

    Copied from my post here:

    Great news!

    I figured out how to deal with this issue! And to pat myself on the back, I figured this out mostly on my own (with some help from Google)

    The issue is that this program needs to be force uninstalled, to do so I used a program called IOBit Uninstaller:

    There was another issue after using the program where I couldn't reinstall G.Skill Trident Z software and was getting an error that some folder associated with some unknown process was interfering:

    "An installation support file 'C:\Users\XXXVUL~\AppData\Local\Temp\{7D0C0C2B-7660-4463-A29A-150C45cAA287}\isrt.dll' could not be installed.

    Access is denied."

    I then attempted to navigate to that location and delete said folder manually, but was unable to do so for whatever reason and was receiving the same error above when attempting to. Very bizarre. I then intuited rather correctly that if I were to simply restart the PC in safe mode that I could accomplish deleting the folder as then whatever program that was interfering, would not be active.

    To do this on Win 10, press Windows Key, then type "msconfig", select "System Configuration" > Boot and check the Safe Boot box under Boot Options. Then press Win+X then U then R to restart the PC.

    Now, and this step is only assuming youre also experiencing the same problem above, navigate to C: > Users > Your User Name > AppData > Local > Temp > and then find that same folder and delete it.

    Next, open CCleaner and analyze and fix all registry errors while still in safe mode, do this a few times until no entries remain.

    Next, go back into System Configuration and uncheck Safe Boot under Boot Options, then restart the PC and you should be able to reinstall G.Skill Trident Z software! I executed setup.exe as admin just to be safe but am not sure this is necessary.

    I was absolutely elated that I had managed to figure this out, I had followed all of the steps here ( and even opened a ticket with G.Skill and had a rather lengthy exchange about this issue.

    Best of luck!
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