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F3-12800cl9d 8gbxl and ASUS p8z68 V LX

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  • F3-12800cl9d 8gbxl and ASUS p8z68 V LX


    Have been having a great many issues with a new build PC (my 1st for approx 10 years, have been using a 2.4Ghz AMD single core all this time!!!)

    Have stripped, and am rebuilding the rig, to test everything.

    I have found in both the BIOS (flashed to latest version 3801) & MEMTEST 86+ - which is running currently - that the RAM is showing as 11-11-11-28. This is also true with XMP enabled.

    Is this correct? Both motherboard manual & the RAM sticks themselves state the settings should be 9-9-9-24 2N? Is there a reason the motherboard is not recognising them?

    FYI, the XMP enabled reads "profile 1" and shows 9-9-9-24 2N however this doesn't - as stated - appear in either the "AI Tweaker" DRAM Timings settings, nor in MEMTEST.

    Many thanks in advance & apologies if this appears a "n00b" question!

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    PS: I am aware the ASUS P8Z68 V LX doesn't have this particular RAM listed in the QVL (but it hasn't been updated since 2011), nor does the G SKILL site recognise this version of the Z68 V series. Does that mean they are incompatable?


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      They are compatible, and they should recognize correctly if XMP is enabled. Very strange. Have you tried manual settings to see if that will work OK?

      Thank you


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        Thanks for the prompt response. Yes - I have manually set the sticks to 9-9-9-24 2 previously and they still worked. Just wondering if this is the reason for system instability? The fact that they're not being recognised correctly?

        I just finished 10hrs + of memtest 86+ with just the CPU, HSF & 2x 8GBXL's - 8 passes, no errors. That was with the sticks showing as 11-11-11-28 though.

        Any merit to running the memtest again at the correct values? I'm assuming if they pass they pass though?

        Will update shortly as I work through further tests on the rig.


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          Yes, give them a try at rated timings

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