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ASUS Crosshair IV Formula RAM selection

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  • ASUS Crosshair IV Formula RAM selection

    Sorry, as I know similar questions have been asked, but I couldn't find my exact situation.
    I am looking for 8 GB of 1600 RAM for this motherboard with the Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition.
    I would like to stick with G.Skill as I have had no problems with their RAM before, but the compatability chart for the crosshair IV on G.Skill's website is awful so here I am.

    These are the ones I have been looking at,

    F3-12800CL6D-4GBXH - 2 sets

    F3-12800CL7D-4GBXM -2 sets


    F3-12800CL7D-8GBXH - 1 set now maybe another in the future

    F3-12800CL7D-8GBRH - 1 set now maybe another in the future

    I would prefer to stick with the 2gb sticks for a total of 8gb and I am leaning towards the F3-12800CL6D-4GBXH. However I have read that CL6 can only be used with hexa-cores, if this is true I also would like to know if that module can be set at a cl7 or cl8.

    I have also been getting the impression that 2000 RAM is only compatible with hexa-cores, at least on this board. If not, would it be worth getting 4 gb of 2000 rather that 8 gb of 1600. I mostly game, so I think 4 gb would prbly cover it, I was looking at 8 gb of 1600 for more headroom, and trying to keep it under $200. But if 2000 is that much faster and will be workable and stable on this platform I would prbly go with it.

    Many thanks in advance to any help.
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    Think I'd go w/ the F3-12800CL7D-8GBRH, the 2x4GB set is better than 4x2GB as there is less stress on the MC w/ only 2 sticks, and I think the standard Ripjaws will be more in line w/ AMD than the RipjawsX series, which will also work, but is geared up w/SB in mind.

    Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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      Ok, so going with the 2 4gb sticks is better. got it. What about 2000 is it worth it to upgrade to that if I'm sticking with 2 sticks, is it worth/possible to jump to somthing like these


      and if it is possible to jump to 2000 with this setup, would you recommend somthing other than the one I listed above.

      Again thanks for putting up with my novice questions


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        With your mobo/cpu combo, not positive you could push the 2000 (it's possible, but can take a lot of tweaking...if it will do it). Good thing w/ 2000 though, is you can drop the speed to 1600, tighten the timings to CL7 or so and have near the same performance as 2000 at CL9. For your combo though think I would suggest trying the F3-16000CL9D-8GBRM set

        Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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          Great, I was looking at that set as well. Just out of curiosity, what makes that set more compatible/better for this mobo/cpu?


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            The Flare series was designed specifically to run with the Phenom II X6 CPU's on ASUS boards.
            I have the 2x2GB CL7 set, they work great, and have been flawless so far.
            I paid extra money for the Flare versus other brands, but the investment was worth it.
            AMD Phenom II X6 1090T@ 4.2GHz
            Corsair H50 Hydro (push/pull intake fans)
            ASUS Crosshair V Formula
            2x4GB G.Skill RipjawsX@ 1975MHz, 9-10-9-28 (2T)
            SLI: 2x EVGA GTX 570's@ 902/1804/2032
            Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
            Corsair HX850W Modular
            Cooler Master HAF 922 (200mm side fan)
            2x Win 7 Home Premium (x64)


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              Interesting. Thanks again for your info. Hopefully I'll be able to tweak my way to 2000 but if not, at least I know that I can downclock to 1600. Thanks Tradesman and Yournemises007


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                Crosshair iv + f3-12800cl9q 16gbxl

                Hi good evening.
                First of all excuse me if I ask something already spoken .. but look and not found exactly what I needed.
                I am very interested in the set-F3-12800CL9Q 16GBXL and I have a motherboard ASUS CROSSHAIR IV ... currently with a Phenom X4 945 II which I think change for any X6 ...

                Is it possible to place these memory modules? Are they supported?

                Sorry again and thank you very much.


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                  Yes, no problem.

                  Thank you
                  GSKILL TECH