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Would the PI F3-12800CL7T-6GBP work best for my ASUS P6T SE mobo?

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    Alright. I am back again and need your help. I have installed a H50 aftermarket cooler with push-pull fans setup. I would like to OC my i7 930 to either 3.6 or 3.8 GHz. I have read some guides and browsed other forums, but the question I still am confused is on:

    What settings do I need to make the OC compatible with my RAM (PI F3-12800CL7T-6GBPI) that I am using? Running at either 3.6 or 3.8 GHz would probably mean my RAM would have to run somewhere between 1379-1451 MHz (as indicated by my BIOS). Anyhow, here is what I show in my BIOS right now:

    Here is what I see from my current BIOS selections:

    AI Tweaker section of the BIOS:
    Ai Overclock Tuner [Manual]
    CPU Ratio Setting [21.0]
    Intel(R) SpeedStep(TM) Tech [Disabled]
    BCLK Frequency [172]
    PCIE Frequency [100]
    DRAM Frequency [DDR3-1379MHz]
    UCLK Frequency [Auto]
    QPI Link Data Rate [Auto]

    DRAM Timing Control (haven?t messed with this since they?re on auto)

    CPU Voltage [1.15625]
    CPU PLL Voltage [Auto]
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage [Auto]
    IOH Voltage [Auto]
    IOH PCIE Voltage [Auto]
    ICH Voltage [Auto]
    ICH PCIE Voltage [Auto]
    DRAM DATA REF/CTRL Voltage on CHA/CHB/CHC [All are on Auto]

    Load-Line Calibration [Enabled]
    CPU Differential Amplitude [800mV]
    CPU Clock Skew [Auto]
    CPU Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
    IOH Clock Skew [Auto]
    PCIE Spread Spectrum [Disabled]

    Advanced section of the BIOS:
    C1E Support [Disabled]
    CPU TM Function [Disabled]
    Everything Else is Default/Enabled (HT is on!)

    I also noticed that when the vCore is lowered, say to 1.15vcore, and if I change the "QPI/DRAM Core Voltage" to anything besides [Auto], the stability tests will fail (and my PC will BSOD/reboot) after 5 minutes or so.

    Do you anyone know this would be the case? Would it be best if I try to manually set those settings? Does [Auto] indicate that the PC is actually overvolting or overcompensating it, thus I never seem to crash with a low vCore & that setting on auto as opposed to NOT on auto?

    Also, what settings should I try for the RAM?

    Thank you!


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      Try setting manually, put sticks to stock timings, with CR at 2T or 2N (depending on designator used) and raise DRAM voltage .05

      Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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        I would suggest going for BCLK 200. That way you can do 3.80-4.20GHz with the memory at DDR3-1600.

        At that point, you should manually input QPI/DRAM Core Voltage.

        On AUTO, the motherboard will try to over volt, but it is not always the correct amount. For this reason, you need to tweak and tune to find the best voltage your CPU wants to be stable.

        Thank you