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f3-12800cl9t2-24gbrl and asus formula iii

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  • f3-12800cl9t2-24gbrl and asus formula iii

    asus rampage iii formula
    on i7980x

    Is there a trick to getting these working?
    I haven't seen any posts saying otherwise but your forum search says the terms iii and x58 are to short or to common

    It was running with 6 sticks 12gb @ 1.6 volts

    set voltage to 1.5 than shutdown and installed the 24gb kit.

    have tried a few things
    clear cmos
    switch bios 1 and 2

    old ram works fine

    I am about to go try single stick in every slot.

    Does anyone remember when ram had to be installed in pairs? not really related but something I just thought about.

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    Do you have the latest BIOS? I'd make sure that's updated, then install the sticks, boot to BIOS, enable XMp and give it a go. If no joy try with settings manually and may need + 0.05 more in DRAM Voltage and to raise the QPI/VTT voltage

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      The bios is the most recent.

      The 24 GB kit will not post and the dram led is activated.

      If I use manual voltage settings with old kit than install new kit will the settings hold?

      I am wondering if the SPD settings will try to override when the bios sees a module change. I think Asus has some sort of post fail protection.


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        What are safe voltages for these kits?
        Will they start to fry at 1.6v?

        Since its an old chipset I don't imagine you or Asus have done much testing, but have you seen any issues with the lower voltage or the module size?
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          I am dumb.

          Who did not fully insert his modules. This guy.

          On my board you have to give the lower side close to video card a bit more push.

          Dumb dumb dumb

          All good now ty all


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            Glad all is well, a lot of the time you have to be firm with the sticks, many will reach down and click the clips closed by hand, but I prefer to use pressure and have them close by themselves. As far as 1.6, it's safe, but I wouldn't jump up unless it's needed (I like to keep voltages low)

            Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here: