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F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC struggling to get stable

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  • F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC struggling to get stable

    I started the process of building a new PC this fall. Have been planning on picking up one of the new 30 series NVidia cards and waiting on hearing about the next gen AMD CPUs before finishing everything, so I picked up a 3400g to hold me over. Building an sffpc, so I put it in an asus rog strix x570-i motherboard. Even if the next gen CPUs don't impress me enough (or take too long) I'll fall back to a 3900x/3950x, so I figured I'd pair it with 3600cl16 ram.

    Now I'm trying to get the current setup stable, and even though it's a zen+, I figured I should at least be able to get 3400, or maybe 3200 mhz out of it, but I'm struggling to get it to run error free even at 2933mhz (which I believe both the apu and board are easily rated for).

    Using the XMP doesn't boot. Using the XMP and manually setting it down to 3400 boots, but almost instantly gets errors on memtest or tm5. 3200 runs for a bit longer before hitting errors.

    The XMP sets the DDR voltage up to 1.35, and for some reason the motherboard doesn't let me set it any higher. On auto, the motherboard sets the SOC to 1.15. Based on DRAM Calculator, I tried bumping this down to 1.015, 1.025, and I even tried bumping it up to 1.15675, all still encountering errors. I've tried ProcODT of 68.6, 60, and lower to no success (and the board on auto runs it at 80). I've tried setting tCL all the way up to 24, still no go (XMP sets it to 16-19-19-39). I've got CLDO VPP at .900, and .950, still errors.

    Leaving everything on "Auto" runs it at 2133, 15-15-15-36, and everything seems to run just fine for quite some time.

    Any suggestions on what could be going wrong?

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    Do you have the latest BIOS? Try each module to see if both have the same maximum results. DRAM Voltage can surely be set higher..


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      I do have the latest bios (2606). Oddly it won't let me go above 1.35 for DDR voltage (says it's the max).

      Interestingly enough, with a bit more playing I was actually able to get it up to 3400 stable by disabling Gear Down Mode. I noticed that when I set XMP, then changed frequency to anything down to 2933 (as far as I tested), it was enabled, but when everything was on auto at 2133, it was disabled (and that was the only time it was stable), so I took a shot. At 3400 with everything on auto (but GDM disabled, procODT 60), everything was stable, but bumping up to 3533, I immediately got errors, so I settled back down to 3400 and tightened all the timings based on DRAM calculator. I was also happy to see it stayed stable with a 1T command rate. Considering this CPU is only a zen+, and it's just to hold me over another few months, I'm happy with where I was able to get it.


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        Hey, do you mind sharing your timings with me.
        i just got a 16GB GTZRC kit and have the same issue, it will only post when at 2800MHz with XMP timings.
        i used corsair timings and got it to 3600Mhz but with memory errors, its currently stable at 3200MHz


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          Here are the timings I'm currently running (and have been running for quite some time now). Seem to be super stable. I tried running 3533 and even 3466, but no dice. The key for me was geardown mode off. I can bump tRCDWR to 16, but RD doesn't work for me below 18.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	ZenTimings - 3400g at 3400mhz.png
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            Thanks, I will try this, i have mine at 3400MHz - i havent played with the timings.- i just wanted to get it to a point where there are no memory errors, i have got it to 3600MHz but with one too many memory errors. - my pc booted with this @ 3566 but now its a no go, im stuck at 3400MHz for now.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	3400 timings.png
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              Quick note, I was able to run through TM5 and some of the memtest benchmarks at 3400 (and even 3466) without error at 1.025 SoC voltage, but was getting some random crashes from games. Ultimately I bumped the SoC voltage to 1.125 and have been error free ever since. I haven't tried to dial that back down to find a lower voltage, but I did want to give you that heads up. I did try to bump the frequency with the higher SoC voltage, but wasn't successful.


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                Thanks, I appreciate it. I haven't played with the voltages, I have SoC at 1.05 its normally at like 0.9. I didn't want to push it since the motherboard I have doesn't shutoff when over heating, apparently.

                I will probably first try dropping timings to match yours or lower then what I currently have set, before I try attempting higher frequencies.
                I have gotten to 3600MHz and that was probably at SoC ~0.95, maybe I will try getting to 3600Mhz error free, but clear_cmos is not an easy thing to do with a closed case.


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                  I am having a tough time , seems like it doesn't like certain timings regardless of speed. I will probably just leave it at 3466 if I can't get it working