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"No Drives Found!" error with SSD Update

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  • "No Drives Found!" error with SSD Update

    I installed a Phoenix Pro today on my HP desktop. I am running Windows 7 64 bit, with a MCP61PM-HM mobo (with updated BIOS), and AMD Phenom X4. Windows sees the drive just fine, I formatted it, I checked it with HD Tune PRO and it checks out, I can even read from it and write to it. I have two problems though. When I run SSD Update (from G.Skill) it gives me the error "No Drives Found!" even if I repeatedly click "refresh drive list". Also, and this is probably a BIOS issue, I have not been able to find a way to switch the SATA to AHCI. Any advice is appreciated.

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    When did you purchase the drive? Because if you just purchased the drive, why would you need to update it?

    Maybe it says no drive found because it's looking for a drive with a specific firmware version...

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      You?ve got same issue as my friend. It seems the Sandforce firmware update tool can not recognize your chipset. I would suggest you to borrow a PC (maybe go to your firend?s place ^^) and flash the new firmware with a PC with more mainstream chipset, such as Intel or AMD.