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[Only for Phoenix / Phoenix Pro]Original firmware update tool

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  • [Only for Phoenix / Phoenix Pro]Original firmware update tool

    Dear Customers,

    Here we release a firmware update for Phoenix / Phoenix Pro SSD.


    1. Before you start to update firmware, please backup all data on the SSD as a precaution

    2. Close other running application and Save opened files first, the computer will reboot automatically after updating firmware

    3.Please format disc of non-Microsoft Windows (Sandforce upgrade tool can't recognize storage of Mac or Linux)

    The following is the firmware update procedures:

    1.Set your SATA to AHCI mode.

    2.Download the update file and extract it.

    3.Rright-clicking on the "ssdupdate.exe" and running "As Administrator"

    4.The program will automatically detect phoenix/phoenix pro SSD and list in the column.

    5.Click "..." botton to choose the firmware package file.

    6.Firmware package file has loaded and check the target SSD you wish to updated.
    click " Download Firmware to Selected Drive " , a warning windows will show some message. continue.

    7.Proceed firmware updating and automatically reboot while update finished.
    if you get and error message like this:

    please back to step 5 and choose anothe package file to update.

    1. The updated software is not support Mac OS and nVIDIA chipset
    We still continue to improve this update software
    non-nVidia chipset Mac system upgrade FW user guide.

    2. Intel RST v10 Driver will make the updated software does not recognize the SSD
    MS Standard AHCI or Intel RST v9.6 not have the same problem can work
    How do change intel driver or Microsoft driver.

    3. Make sure the BIOS storage device are set to [AHCI]
    If you have not changed the BIOS option, the default value is [IDE]
    Storage =[IDE] updated software will not get your SSD information

    4. Should avoid complex of the Update firmware environment ,And make a backup before updating

    5. After upgrading Firmware, if computer can't boot or recognize SSD, please power off for few seconds then reboot. Upgrade will complete.

    Original firmware upgrade tool

    How to identify the firmware A or B

    FW 4.2A download or FW 4.2B download

    FW 4.0 download
    New Features :
    Improved performance by up to 5%.
    Improved boot and wake up times.
    Added support for Intel and Micron 25nm flash.
    SMART logs are now configurable.

    FW 3.2 download

    FW 3.1 download

    FW 2.1 download
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