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New Phoenix Pro FM-25S2S-60GBP2 Firmware in the works?

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  • New Phoenix Pro FM-25S2S-60GBP2 Firmware in the works?

    I've recently upgraded my system to a new Haswell Z87-Express chipset motherboard and LGA1150 Intel i5-4670K processor. The Phoenix Pro SSD drives are not compatible with 4.2 firmware with the Haswell chipset. The BIOS keeps losing the drive, and Windows 7 64-bit keeps losing the drive when doing a clean install, and BSODs after installation.

    Other review sites have said that SOME SATA2 SSD drives with the SandForce controller didn't write their firmware within Intel's specs, and now it's being seen on the new Haswell chipset boards.

    Any updated firmware in the works to support Haswell?

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    As i check the latest update for the Sandforce firmware, it's about 2011/9....

    Will going to contact Sandforce about this issue and hope they could do some work for the
    firmware support.



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      Any news from Sandforce?


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        As i know, we haven't got any update from Sandforce so far.


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          I too am experiencing the same thing with that particular ssd and Haswell. I will continue to monitor this thread and hope this will be resolved sooner rather then later.


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            I'm having the same issue and it is beyond frustrating. Can I RMA for this?

            Who do I need to contact, because I don't like using a $200 SSD for a paperweight.


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              Please kindly contact our RMA department( or send the RMA request to us:

              They will help you as soon as possible.


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                ^ Are you saying that since this is a known issue, we can RMA the drive for a comparable newer version that will be compatible with Haswell?


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                  I have 2 of these SSDs, one used as boot OS drive, and the other with a backup image of the original for an easy swapout in the event of OS corruption or hardware error with the first. Wish I could use them with my new build. Are you saying that we can RMA for a Haswell-compatible replacement?


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                    Sandforce didn't release any update yet, please note!


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                      ^ but you mentioned that drwehiggs could RMA the drive. Why would they do this when another drive of the same type will have the exact same issue?


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                        is there any news here?

                        I´m asking because i run 2 Phoenix Pro´s in Raid0 (FM-25S2S-40GBP2, GS...serialnumber) right now and i´m about to change my system to Z87 and i7-4770k in a few days. (I know it might be a little bottleneck with the 3Gb/s SATA specs but i don´t want to buy new drives this month...)

                        The SSD´s have Firmware 2.1 on it right now and i´m glad i read this before i updated them to 4.2 with the system-change to Z87!!!

                        Do i have to worry about running same configuration (Raid0) at the Z87 Chipset WITHOUT updating the Firmware, but leave it on 2.1 or is it the same issue then??

                        Thanks in advance!!


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                          I don't think update to 4.2 can solve the Z87 chipset issue, and there's no reply from Sandforce.
                          Sorry for the inconvenient.


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                            Omfg...i even wrote it in BOLD LETTERS.... WITHOUT!!! the update!?!?


                            Do i have to worry about malfunctioning FM-25S2S-40GBP2 with FW 2.1 on Z87???

                            If you don´t know, please test it, just "thinking" is not an option!!! THX in advance!

                            Regarding the reply from Sandforce, ask again, i think they have forgotten you!

                            BTW: Because of problems with every single peace of Hardware i bought from G.SKILL (Ripjaws malfunction, now SSD incompatibility) and your lack answer i think i´m not going to buy anything from G.Skill again.
                            Last edited by Bitfather; 09-03-2013, 07:20 AM.


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                              Dear Bitfather,

                              Sorry that couldn't make you feel satisfied, and sorry for we couldn't test it for you IMMEDIATELY,
                              already inform the Tech department to TEST IT but still waiting for the reply, and will let you know the TESTING results asap.