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Repeated Major Problem from Pheonix Evo 115GB

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  • Repeated Major Problem from Pheonix Evo 115GB

    I first received my Pheonix Evo dead on arrival, which I RMA'ed right away and received a working one shortly after. The SSD worked for a couple months until one day while I was in the middle of transferring some files from an External HDD to the internal HDD, the system locked up. I have the OS installed on the SSD in the system, and a seperate HDD for media and other files. When I rebooted the computer, the SSD couldn't be recognized anymore. I tried using the SSD with other motherboards both times and it could not be detected. After RMA and receiving another working one, the SSD worked just a few months till yesterday. When I booted up my PC yesterday, the SSD failed to recognize. Is anyone else having problems like these?

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    Had problems with a couple of GSkill's initial SSD's back in 2008-9 but not with any since and I've used all the models they put out (I think, except for an early Phoenix 64GB), have mainly worked with 120 and 240GB units

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      Do you have SATA mode set to AHCI?

      Thank you