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SniperSSD (FM-25S2S-60GBP2)Dead/Dissapears/Not Detectiing =>Possible Solution for it

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  • tavillo1980

    I had a similar problem.

    After almost a year, last night I could solve it. I had to downgrade firmware from 4.2 to 4.0


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    Please follow the thread as below:
    secure erase the drive:

    Then re-install firmware 4.2:

    Thank you

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  • SniperSSD (FM-25S2S-60GBP2)Dead/Dissapears/Not Detectiing =>Possible Solution for it

    Hello guys, iīm from Brazil (sorry about bad inglish)

    Iīm having a hard time with this SSD.

    First it started issue with w7 to slow and after couple minutes just stopped.

    Canīt start w7 or do anything else, BIOS can find but a just canīt do anything, other OS at other HD crashes when a try format and boot cd dosent work as well.

    So i started read foruns and try everything but no sucess at all.

    Phoenix Original firmware update tool => Sometimes find others cantīs, whn find just crash during the process.

    Boot CD.iso => Cant find. (even when BIOS did find).

    Partition Magic => Same above, no sucess.

    After many hours and 6 days i gave my last try, maybe this can help who is in that situation.

    I just thought other OS can ignore this error, so i tryed to use OS X install...just to try exclude and format the two W7 partitions, at first canīt recognise the SSD unit, i just unplugged the power cable and reconnected and SSD appears.

    1-Boot from OS X Install
    3-Disk Utillity
    4-Select SSD
    5-Format FAT32

    Now is working fine and i will try install W7 again.

    I get those results with CrystalDiskInfo, iīm worry about, there is a problem?

    Someone can tell me if itīs everything ok?

    Thx Alot

    Best Regards From Brazil

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