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  • Macro/option random change...

    Macros I have set up (simple ones) constantly change the delay time to 2.55 sec and some Macro's changes Play back option to something else. Play once seems to change to Continuously play back while pressed. and continuous change to toggle to me. It gets Quiet annoying because my reset all current settings litterally doesnt do anything and import doesnt over right, but instead cause a lot of mess because it creates file likes "Profile 1 (1)", importing should be over write the files or even ask rather over right or not. even making my reset settings could reset to factory default or something would be nice....

    OS how do I delete files in on Boardsettings?

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    So.... I decide reset it again which I forgot to mention it in the post but this time it actaully erased the profile and everything. but when I change profiles, the macro's would not work unless i save that profile into device, so another problem occured... I will see if time and setting changes again.
    Edit: so problem is not fixed and another problem occured.... my keyboards light is not lighting.... lol
    Edit 2: unplugged key board and plugged back in, and light came back but all the macro's i have asigned has been unasigned... wonder G.Skill will try fix all these problems at all.... had this keyboard for long time and there was only 1 update since i got the keyboard...
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