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KM570 randomly loses its ligthning settings

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  • KM570 randomly loses its ligthning settings

    Hi all,

    I own a G. Skill Ripjaws KM570 RGB for few weeks now.
    Overall, the keyboard is great.

    Unfortunately, I encounter a small issue.

    I've changed the default lightning settings (for a static background color and a customized changelin animation)
    However, sometimes, and I cannot explain why, the lightning settings are factory reset (to Default wave)

    The keyboard firmware version is 23,
    The software version is 2.01
    The UI langage is English(US)
    The layout is french.

    I run windows 10 pro, and the keybord is connected with only 1 USB 3 plug (it seems enough to power the keyboard)

    It seems the reset happens on cold start only, but not every time.

    Is there something I can do more to fix that?

    That's not really blocking, but it's anoying.

    Thanks for you help!
    Kind regards

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    Do you know if it can be fixed if unplugged and plugged back in? Have you tried a different USB port?

    When did you purchase the keyboard?

    Did it always have this issue since purchase?


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      I will try to change the USB port next time it happens.
      I purchased the keyboard end of January, 2020. I have this issue since the purchase.


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        I just had the issue few minutes ago. I "only" unplugged the keyboard from a powered on computer to use it on another powered on computer.
        It was enough to reset the settings.

        I also tried several different USB ports, no difference, the issue still randomly happens. Is there anything else I can try to fix that?



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          After making changes within software, do you save to keyboard?

          If you would like, send it in for RMA exchange to see if a replacement can work better.