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KM780 problems again

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  • KM780 problems again

    I've never had more buyer's remorse than with this disaster.

    After trying to bind the G keys to their own settings (their entire purpose...) I have to manually go back and reset them to my desired input every.single.restart. So after trying to diagnose the upteenth problem during a game I was playing, the keyboard decided to crash and not work no matter what USB port I plugged it into, forcing me to hard reset the PC because my game requires a keyboard to even return to desktop. When the PC boots back up, I have to use the onscreen keyboard just to enter my password because the keyboard somehow doesn't work at all until I restart the gskill app.

    What do I find? Somehow, God knows why, every single key on Mode 1 (which I was using) voluntarily disabled itself. If I were more conceited I might think someone was maliciously doing this to my specific keyboard just to irritate me.

    Photo attached to show how it went from only 3 modified keybinds (G4, G5, G6) to every single key being modified in red and disabled. That is, except for the G keys, hilariously.

    I love your RAM, G.Skill, and I gave your brushed aluminum first gen keyboard a try, but you really dropped the ball. Nevermind the promises to update the software and keep it on par with those from Corsair, etc. years ago and still not delivering.

    Of course, I can really only blame myself for holding onto it for so long. It's just that I had high hopes for it and $150 is still a top-of-the-line sticker price, other than custom keyboards.

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    Guess what ? we are in the same ****ing boat....Click image for larger version  Name:	Dead Keyboard.JPG Views:	0 Size:	187.9 KB ID:	163564


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      The software is a joke. It needs to be rewritten. Period.


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