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Audio visualizer for keyboards!!

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  • Audio visualizer for keyboards!!

    Hi, i bought the G.Skill Km780 RGB because it's a good keyboard, but still lacks things to the software.

    When are you going to put audio visualizer?
    When are you going to put custom community profiles?

    please, if I knew that, I would have bought the Corsair K70 .............

    Sorry for my english (I use the translate xd) and I'm sorry for my anger, but I'm outraged, I got it three years ago and NOTHING.

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    They no longer support this product. I had to make an add-on to color the keys faster. I have also asked about the SDK like K70, but it has been 2 years now but they have not given any further information.
    Although this KM is also produced by Corsair, it is still recommended to buy the K70, at least their drivers are much more amazing.