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RGB Controller IC replacement

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  • RGB Controller IC replacement

    I had replaced my G.skill KM780 keyboards 4 times already. and I'm not going to return it again for the 5th time 'cause another shipping fee is too much.

    can this RGB defects be fixed by replaceing the RGB controller inside the keyboard? I thought this is a

    I'm purchasing this one:

    MBI5042GP is used in KM780.

    1. Green and Blue LEDs are on when all of the LEDs are suppose to be off. even when.
    2. some LEDs have weak green or blue. most likely they're in the same controller.
    all these issue occur in all KM780 that I had and returned.

    will this fix work? or the issue is not in the controller, but in other components?

    I am confident of my soldering skills, and have basic knowledge in circuits

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    Did you replace with G.SKILL directly? Or did you contact your retailer for the replacements? And which country are you located in?

    Did all replacement keyboards work fine after replacement, and then issues would pop up after usage?

    It's not recommended for the KM780, due to its difficulty in disassembly, and you would void the warranty.


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      3 times from the shop. and the 4th was from G.skill directly.

      sometimes, the issue occur in just months of usage. sometimes in a year.

      the warranty was over last year. and it is pointless now since the issue will come back again.