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Can anyone suggest a better way to change color in XML file ?

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  • Can anyone suggest a better way to change color in XML file ?

    Hello guys !
    I'm making a new skin for my little 780rgb
    i made this mosaic palette from Your Name poster

    But changing color manually is really horrible
    Who can help me ? or Gskill, can you make a tiny tool which can read color code from a perfect sample image, then fill them in exact positions on keyboard
    this is my keyboard after a half hour edit each button
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    That's a pretty good color layout. We'll pass your request to our keyboard team, and see if there's anything we can do to make it an easier process, but we can't promise anything.

    Did you make that color palette yourself?


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      ya, i made this palette myself
      I'm also making a tool to edit each line in XML file.
      So i got a problem. I don't know which is real position of any button on the keyboard.

      which key does "H_Button_0 ColorB" be ? ... etc
      Can i ask your developer for a list of Button Mapping ?
      It's all i need. There is 108 keys on keyboard, i can't do it by manually testing each other.
      Thanks you for reading and sorry for bad English
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        We'll ask the button mapping for you. We'll put in a request for the 104-key NA English version.

        It may take a day or two for us to get a response for the keyboard team.


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          Can you send us an email to We'll have send you the information when it is ready. Thanks!