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KM780 RGB Keyboard LED flicker with Volume adjust

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  • KM780 RGB Keyboard LED flicker with Volume adjust

    Sent this to tech support but figured I would post here too.

    Just picked up a new KM780 RGB mx brown keyboard. The LED's are flickering when I adjust the volume with the roller. I installed the newest drivers.

    What I have found is it seems to be related to installing the unified drivers software. Without the software installed there is no flicker when adjusting volume. I noticed this because when I restarted my computer, before logging into windows there was no flicker. Soon as Windows and the software loaded, flicker. I uninstalled the gskill software and again no volume flicker.

    1) Software (SW) version and firmware (FW) version - downloaded newest - SW 0.106 FW 60
    2) Did this issue occur on a new software installation or software update? YES
    3) What is the model number of your keyboard and layout? KM780 RGB mx brown
    4) Which Windows OS version are you using? Windows 7 64 bit
    5) Which USB port did you plug the keyboard into? USB 2.0 back panel
    6) Your motherboard model number - Asus Deluxe p6t v2
    7) Any antivirus/anti-malware software programs you have installed - Avira, Malwarebytes
    8) Any other keyboard/mouse/similar device software you have installed - No

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    We have contacted our keyboard team and our tech support team, and they will check and try to replicate your issue on a similar (or same) setup.

    It does seem like a software issue, based on the information provided, and after it has been confirmed, we will have our software team provide a patch.

    Thank you kindly for bringing this issue to our attention with detailed observation.


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      I have them too. Devs should change the way the RGB LED is addressed.


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        An initial analysis indicates that it's an issue that's caused by volume syncing, rather than how the RGB LED lighting is being addressed. Our team is working on a possible solution, and hope to have it patched in the next week or two.


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          I thought it was since we are getting micro flickers whenever RGB LED state changes, especially in slow effects.
          eg. in wave effects, default, 10s duration.
          i'm not really sure if that's common to all RGB mech keyboards, but I only noticed them in KM780 video reviews
          I thought it was just because of the camera
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            Great! Thank you, for the great response time, keep it up.

            @azeunkn0wn - Nah that is different. What you are talking about certainly happens, just like old monitors use to when video taping. The refresh rates of the camera and the LEDs are getting too close. But this problem was seen very distinctly with the naked eye. It wouldn't flicker without the software running then it would flicker with it installed and running.


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              Sorry about the delay, it took longer than expected. Our software team is finishing up an update to resolve the flickering on the KM780 RGB, and this next version should be available for download next week on our website, since it will take a few days for the software to go through final checks and the release process. Thanks for being so patient with us.


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                coolness, thanks!


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                  KM780 RGB update (version 0.107) is out, with a fix to the volume display flickering issue. It's available on the download page now.

                  There's no changes to the firmware, but make sure to backup your profiles in case the current settings get wiped during the update.

                  Download page:
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                    cool. thanks!


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                      awesome! I will try it this weekend, when I have a minute