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KM780's LEDs stays on

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  • KM780's LEDs stays on

    I already had 3x KM780 and this issue is common. yes, THREE KM780s.
    If this issue occured to other people, please let me know in the comments.

    LEDs are still on even though I turn the LEDs off (0$ brightness).
    LEDs stays ON and unnoticeable in different lighting configuration.
    Those leds are in column. Although it is common to three of the KM780s, the LEDs are in different column and different LED color in every keyboard.

    I may not remember it correctly.
    KM780 A: in the column of keys (5,6,t,y,g,h,b,n), LEDs were blue at very low brightness
    KM780 B: keys in column were (ESC, 2, Q, A, ALT... somewhere in these column) leds were blue, very low brightness
    KM780 C: keys in image below, (F12, backspace, "\ |", Enter, and arrows UP,DOWN, and LEFT), LED color GREEN. brighter than the last two.

    additional info:
    These issue occurs when the keyboard is connected to a PC only, It stays off when connected to non-PC USB ports (USB charger port, etc).
    Those LEDs are ON even the PC is in shutdown state, but power is still plugged in.
    They only turn off in firmware reset mode (connecting USB while the hidden button is pressed).

    KM780 A - returned for inconsistent RGB leds (some leds produce less R, G, or B lights). used for 10 months (January 2016 - October 2016). firmware and software were always updated (see the dates for SF/FW versions.)
    the issue occurred somewhere the first 3 months of use

    KM780 B - replacement for the first one, had to return because they gave me rusty ones. (looks old while my first one was well clean and maintained properly).
    Used for 1 month (november). versions (SW: 0.106 | FW: 60).
    LED issue occurs a week later

    KM780 C - using it right now. shipped to me with the latest SF|FW (0.106 | 60).
    Issue occurred within a week of use. 2 days after I made changes with the lightings.
    I was expecting this issue is gonna show up that's why every time I shutdown my PC, I unplug the power cable of my system. but still.
    this is very annoying since I'm gaming in the dark and sometimes prefer to turn the LEDs off. It is even more annoying while watching movies.

    A and B were Brown MX cherry, C is RED MX cherry.

    note: I will make a video demo. will post in the comment.

    required info:
    1) SW: 0.106 | FW: 60
    2) yes, I made a reset several times too.
    3) KM780 RGB, NA English
    4) Windows 10
    5) tested on all USB ports, multiple PCs, and even in Raspberry Pi3
    6) Asus B85M-G
    7) Windows Defender, Malwarebytes
    8) Logitech G500 | Logitech Gaming Software, Logitech Options

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    Video Demo

    Video demo for this issue | G.skill KM780 LED stays ON issue

    Demo info:
    These are Arrow keys. keys UP, DOWN, and LEFT have the issue while key RIGHT is normal.

    Brightness: 100% | 75% | 50% | 25% | 0%
    config 1: R: 255 | G: 0 | B: 0 |
    config 2: R: 0 | G: 255 | B: 0 |
    config 3: R: 0 | G: 0 | B: 255 |

    Brightness: 100% | low level R/G/B
    config 4: R: 1 | G: 0 | B: 0
    config 5: R: 0 | G: 1 | B: 0
    config 6: R: 0 | G: 0 | B: 1


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      If you have LEDs that light up in colors that's not set to that color, it's either a bad firmware (something that's caused by corrupt software or data transfer) or bad onboard memory storage.

      First, please check that all settings are reset to default by going into the wrench icon on the top right, and then choose to reset profile and settings. Then after that's completed, click "Save to Device Memory" in the main profile menu. And then check if the issue continues to occur. If you are importing from a previous export file, then it might be a bad or incompatible export file. It would also be helpful to check if the cable runs close to large speakers or magnetic fields.

      Second, please try reflashing the firmware down to an old version in the following link, and then update again to 0.106/60 to see if the same issue occurs.

      To reflash firmware, please check the link here:

      If that doesn't work, please reflash down to an old version, and then update to 0.105/57 to see if it's a bug specific to firmware 60 for your system. Link to 0.105/57:

      Finally, if none of the above helps, please also let us know your motherboard BIOS version and whether your Windows is 32 or 64-bits and its language. Also, please let us know where you got the replacements from. If you requested the replacements directly from G.SKILL, please email us the RMA numbers to, and we'll see if we can track down your previous replacements for analysis.

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        Asus B58M-G Bios version 2501 (latest)
        Windows 10 Pro (EN)

        this issue occurs way before 0.105/57.

        like I mention in the main post, 3 different keyboard, same issue, different area of LEDs affected in every keyboard, area are always in column. I can't be that lucky getting all 3 keyboards with bad onboard memory storage.

        I already tried resetting, updating firmware on different PC, but the issue is always there. whatever the FW/SW version.

        I only got replacement from store.

        by the way, my first and second keyboard have been in different power supply. I got new power supply after the 2nd, and before the 3rd KM780.

        additionally, when I shut down the PC, all LEDs are off, but one is blinking, Green LED, '| \' key (above ENTER, below backspace). and when I press any key, it will return to the defective LED column (mentioned at main post)
        This also happened to the first and second KM780, one of the LED in a column (defective LED group) is blinking with the same color of the defect whenever I shut down my PC.


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          That's what we thought as well, all 3 keyboards shouldn't have the same problem. A few more questions, that might help our keyboard team to see if they can reproduce your issue.

          1. When you shut down, do you use hibernate or sleep?
          2. Do you have enabled functions that allow you to turn on the system by pressing the keyboard? (e.g. "Keyboard and USB device wake-up" or "USB device wake-up", page 1-11 of the motherboard manual)
          3. Which USB ports are you connecting the keyboard to? It would help to be specific, for example, your motherboard rear panel is:



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            1. I never use Sleep and hybernate. only shutdown
            2. I never set any jumpers, it should be manufacturer default. and my PC doesn't turn on with keyboard either. I'm not using USB wake up features.
            3. Tested every front and rear USB2/USB3.0 ports when resetting firmware. I'm always using USB2.0 #3 and #4. because it's near mic and line out jack.


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              Thanks for the information. We'll check with the keyboard team to see what the problem might be.

              Would you happen to have records of what the serial numbers for the first two keyboards that you sent in for RMA with the store? We might be able to track it down if they have been returned to us, and would help us investigate your issue better.


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                I'd love to help you making the software for my keyboard better. I always check this forum frequently.

                Current S/N: 1545GK00000618
                sorry, I have no record of Serial number for the past keyboard. but I'm sure the second one wasn't from G.skill since it have signs it was aged outside the box. By that, I mean, I think it was one of their displays or sample. The second replacement was actually just a new box and the keyboard itself, and the other items included were originally from my first KM780, they just returned it with the new KM780 and a box.
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                  Is this a permanent defect in controller IC itself? or this can be fixed by a software?
                  Did someone else other than me had the same issue before?
                  I wonder if there's any way to reset the controller at lower level.
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                    Without looking or analyzing the keyboards, it's hard to say whether or not it's a permanent hardware defect or a software issue. Once in a while, there's a keyboard with random LEDs lighting up like they're not supposed to, and they're usually a hardware defect, like a bad solder point or something.

                    Let me PM you for more information about the local store, and we'll see if we can get you a good replacement directly from us.