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Per-key color control - KM780

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  • Per-key color control - KM780

    Hi! I'm considering buying a KM780R, but I am unsure if the lighting control has the sort of function I want. I'd like to confirm before buying.

    I would like to simultaneously have per-key "default" (unpressed) back-light color control and per-key depressed color control.

    For example, make "W" be lit blue, but when pressed, immediately change to white. When released, have it immediately return to blue. The light for "W" would stay white for as long as the key is pressed, and no longer. I would like to have that sort of function set up for each key, with control over both colors per-key.

    Is this possible? It seems like it should be standard, but I have seen no demonstration of this in any videos. Please let me know. Thanks!

    Also, one other quick question: Once a custom lighting profile has been created and saved, does the app need to be loaded for it to work? That is, if I restart my computer and do not launch the app, will the lighting profile still work?
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    Hi CHM,

    Regarding the specific lighting control, the current lighting function does not have the exact function you described.

    However, there is a Changeling effect, where the key pressed will run through a customizable range of colors (or can be set for a color). The underlying color capability is planned for a future software update. An underlying customizable background color is enabled for Ripple and Reactive effects. Most keyboards tend not to have a immediate change in color upon key-release, because you wouldn't be able to see the LED lighting up. Instead, most keyboards would have the option of a trailing color fade, where the key lighting can be seen after the keypress. Changeling is specific to KM780/KM780R RGB.

    Regarding the second question, when settings (including lighting) of a profile are created and saved onto the keyboard, the software can be closed and the keyboard will work as set. The software is only required for changing, updating, or saving any setting changes. This unique feature of the KM780 series keyboard would allow you to save the profile onto the keyboard (includes 3 modes, which is essentially 3 separate lighting setting and key layouts) and then take it to any other computer for use with the same settings.


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      Originally posted by G.SKILL View Post
      Thanks, that sounds perfectly adequate. I appreciate the clarity and detail of your response! Looking forward to picking one of these up. Good to know I'm going with a brand that cares about its customers.