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New idea 4 the next keyboard series

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  • New idea 4 the next keyboard series

    when you want to include a volume interface on the keyboard it would be cool to have an additional wheel for an internal amplifier for the audio-passthru, dunno if this would managable with only one usb connection or do you need an additional usb line?

    im guessing this since i know that most of the time, passive headsets tend to have a lower output in terms of volume than usb driven headsets...

    mine 2, ive got a logitech g230 now, had a razer carcharias IIRC which a had an inline amp (so it had 2 3.5mm jacks and a usb plug), which was rly nice and wasnt even in the need of a driver for it, so it could rly be a nice addon for ppl with analog headsets

    lel, just got the idea of slaughtering my old razer headset to make my own inline-usb-powered amplifier, funny thing is that it will still be compatible with x360 controllers for voicechat, nice. they were shabby anyway, static noise by mobile devices, rattling when moving my head, short, theyre done for... wish me good luck!

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    Thank you for your input and feedback. We'll let our keyboard team know about your idea.

    It is true that passive headsets tend to have lower maximum volume due to the signal distance, but at the same time, analog in-line volume control tend to have issues with signal integrity and degredation over time (accelerated especially in humid environments).

    Based on what we know, most in-line volume control designs basically limit the original signal to lower its volume, so the maximum volume is still capped. If you want higher maximum volume, then there needs to be an amplifier installed onto the PCB, which also would be likely to be affected by the LED and power going through the keyboard, due to its proximity. This would interfere with the amplification process, which isn't ideal for audio clarity.

    In other words, audio amplification through keyboard may not be the best choice if we're trying to raise the volume and maintaining audio signal clarity.

    That might be one major concern. But... maybe our keyboard team might be able to find some way around the problem.