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RGB Lighting: can I turn it off completely?!

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    Originally posted by emissary42 View Post
    These typically are Hynix 8Gbit CJR and are a bit different. Since they are specced for 3600 that frequency should not be an issue, for any compatible MB. If 1T with GDM off is possible is more an issue of CPU/MB than the memory itself and might require some manual adjustments. From a certain frequency onwards AM4 uses GDM on by default which basically equals "1,5T" and is why most of the AMD kits use even values for CAS latency (uneven numbers automatically get rounded up).

    If manual overclocking to 3600 is on the table the classic 3200 CL14 spec might also be a valid option:

    Given enough voltage they should do 3600 CL14 and with tighter timings (tRFC, tRCD/tRP) than what is possible with Hynix 8Gbit CJR based kits.


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      GDM on being the default for higher memory ratios is why the AMD models use even CAS latencies, since it would otherwise be rounded up. It is a technical platform limitation and has nothing to do with better or worse or any other timings.
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        Last time I built a PC, the RGB craze wasn't a thing. To confirm - I can turn the lights off, but just have to use software to do so, and that could be done by an msconfig startup of whatever application.

        The thing you can't do is have the lights be off automatically after POST (unless perhaps that's a feature native to the particular motherboard?).

        Do I have all that correct? I've got an order in for some Trident Z RGB modules right now. They're on backorder, so cancelling is no big deal. And I don't want them if they'll always be on forever...
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