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  • Memory Gone Bad?

    I have 4Gx2|GSKILL F3-14900CL9D-8GBSR that's giving me 33000+ errors in memtest x86. Here's the interesting part. If I stop the test, and then run it again immediately after reboot, it shows no errors. Reboot again, 33000 errors again.

    So I removed and reseated the RAM, 1st test passed, 2nd test passed. 3rd time around failed again with 33000+ errors on first pass.

    I have then reseated again and continually receive errors. I am waiting for another set to show up so I can send these ones in for RMA.

    So, the question stands. Is this a common failure for G.Skill RAM?
    Or did I just end up with a strange bum pair of sticks?

    Also, I have been wondering why G.Skill won't entertain the thought of advance replacement for the RAM modules. Someone like me would be willing to pay for advanced replacement for a small fee.

    Rig Config:
    ASUS Crosshair V Formula BIOS 1102
    Phenom 980 BE
    AMD Radeon HD 6970

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    Need to run Memtest on each stick individually, running two sticks at a time can cause errors. Are you running the sticks at 1866, 1600 or what? Is the system set up for the frequency?

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      The memory is running at loose timing (11,11,11,30,41,2T) at 1600. Any attempt to decrease timing to the advertised (9,11,9,29,42,1T) at 1866; causes a lot of issues and blue screens.

      I will take the time to test each one individually soon.

      Crazy work hours cause me to have little time to even look at the machine, let alone test it. Today is Friday though, so I should have a little bit of time on my hands to do so.


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        Keep us informed, we'll be around through the weekend to help if needed

        Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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          Sounds like everything is default, you need to input the proper settings, then test each to see if one may be bad causing problems.

          CPU Host Frequency needs to be 233 for DDR3-1866. Your CPU can only support DDR3-1600 max, so overclock settings are necessary for DDR3-1866.

          Note, increasing host (bus) frequency will also overclock your CPU Frequency, so you should lower the CPU Ratio if this is not desired.

          CPU-NB Frequency should be 2800MHz, or 12X (233 * 12 = ~2800).

          Then set DRAM Timings to tCL 9 - tRCD 10 - tRP 9 - tRAS 28.

          DRAM Voltage 1.50V, this is default, but it should still be manually set.

          Lastly, CPU-NB Voltage 1.20V. This will help the CPU fully support DDR3-1866 since AMD Phenom II technically supports DDR3-1600 only.

          Once that is complete, your system should be ready to go. Let us know how it goes!

          Thank you
          GSKILL TECH


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            Another attempt

            So, when I attempted to adjust timings as directed, it caused a blue screen for the Memory Manager. So then I booted into memetest x86 v4.0. It started giving errors immediately. So I unseated and reseated the memory to a single stick (I've done this about 6 times today alone) and then everything seemed to be ok, until I booted into the OS (I got the blue screen prior to the OS loading). Things became severely strange; it seemed as though nothing ever completed loading. So I went and tested again, no errors with one of the sticks. This boggled me. So I changed sticks and ran about 33% of the first pass, no errors. I understand that we should attempt to find which one is the culprit for the problems. Memtest is more than capable of running full sets of memory without errors (full sets I have personally tested were 32GB of ripjaws across 4 banks). Tradesman insinuating that running memory dual channel through memtest will cause errors regardless really made me think that this is a joke. I am not new to hardware or hardware testing; and I am not new to the G.Skill line either. This is the first and only time that I have seen errors with G.Skill memory on any platform. So, GSKILL TECH, what do you make of this, and how would you like to proceed from here?

            I do have another set that I ordered to verify testing with another matched pair.

            By the way, every time I re-seat the memory, it seems to be ok; for about 15-20 minutes.

            I will continue testing later, I have more work to get done.

            Thanks in advance


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              No offense, but I did not state that it WILL cause errors REGARDLESS, I said it CAN cause errors, which is why I suggest running 1 stick at a time, this helps me and others in trying to narrow down the problem(s), which is also why I asked if the system was set up correctly for the freq you tested at, wrong timings, voltages, settings, etc can also cause problems, as pointed out by GSkill Tech. It may well also be that your rig cannot carry 1866 sticks as native, not all 980 BEs can. Sorry you find the suggestion a 'joke', below may explain better.

              From the memtest manual:


              Running individual sticks can help narrow down the problem

              "If you have more than one DIMM and you find errors with both, even when you test them one at a time, this suggests that your RAM is probably OK. Either your motherboard is failing, you are using memory timing settings that are too aggressive, or your RAM is not compatible with your motherboard. You can experiment with memory timing settings in your BIOS, which may allow you to use your RAM without errors at a small performance cost. Another thing to check is that you are using the proper voltage setting for your RAM (not all BIOSes let you set this). Please refer to your motherboard manual for information on this topic"

              Will drop GSkill a note to take a look at this come Monday when they return from the weekend
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                I would guess the RAM voltage and CPU/NB voltage is set to low


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                  As I stated I understand the troubleshooting stance. Don't take offense to what I stated
                  I guess forgetting a small piece of punctuation causes some offensive tone in text; and that's why I don't usually do forums or text messaging. However, try and call G.Skill for tech support; I guarantee you will get nowhere.

                  I have now tested one of the sticks to be the better of the two; additionally I want to make a clear point that I don't want to overclock these guys yet; as with the best 1600 timings being 11,11,11,30,41 according to test, that's what I have been running and receiving the issue at. When I did set then to 1866, additional problems arrive.

                  Results show that stick #11350240236568 is the offender; thus far.

                  @Intel guy; CPU/NB is recommended at 1.2V by GSKILL TECH; I set it above at 1.205V just for good measure; normally it's around 1.118V. Do you have better recommendation when memory is throwing 33000+ errors on first pass at the 1600Mhz setting? When I clock to 1866 the RAM setting is at 1.503V; stated voltage is 1.5 at all angles.

                  Honestly, if I where trying to troubleshoot the OC end of it, I would be in the ROG forum right now. Thanks for the hints toward the non-effort though.


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                    My thoughts were for 1866, with the CPU Host at 233, CPU NB Frequency 2800, 9-10-9-28, 2N, DRAM 1.55 and CPU/NB 1.2 ( to 1.24) (you can adjust the CPU Ratio down if you wish to keep towards it's stock clock speed.

                    Not sure what is happening at 1600 or why timings are so high, they should be tighter not looser, CPU NB at 2400, with these DIMMs normally 8-9-8-28 are effective timings for 1600, 2N DRAM 1.52, CPU/NB 1.2.

                    While I've seen the 980 run 1600 DIMMs a few times, I've seen very few run 1866, and those have required additional voltage and normally an OverClock (3.9 - 4.2GHz) on the CPU, which is made for and has a Memory Controller for 1333 DRAM.


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                      First, you need to use memtest86+ v4.20

                      The version you are using may produce false errors.

                      Since everything appears to be unstable at this time, please try DDR3-1333 8-8-8-24 1.50V and let me know the results. This will give us a better idea of what the problem may be.

                      You need to work with us to get somewhere, otherwise I guarantee you will get nowhere.

                      Thank you
                      GSKILL TECH


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                        Well guys, got the new RAM in, set it back to the original settings I had (1600Mhz) and everything is great with the new stuff. Have been running it for a few days just to see if I could reproduce the problem with the same mem, just different sticks. No problems with the system, no problems in mem-test. So my thoughts go to something is wrong with the other sticks, just haven't pinned it down to exactly what or where. So the question stands, do I just eat it when it comes to the cost of the first set? Or will Gskill take those ones back and send me a replacement set?


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                          Will want to contact or for world

                          Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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                            Noo, you don't want to eat memory. Just complete RMA form, email it to RMA dept., they will issue RMA number, then send them in so you can get a new kit.

                            Thank you
                            GSKILL TECH