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Gigabyte MB and Ripjaws X timing issues

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  • Gigabyte MB and Ripjaws X timing issues

    I believe that the timing of my RAM is causing my computer to be unstable. The default timing values for my motherboard are not correct for this type of RAM. It defaults to 1600 instead of 1866. The only way to fix this I believe is to overclock the defaults so that it is correct. The problem is I don't know what the default timing for my RAM is. Can someone help and tell me what values I need to place in these categories to be the default values for my RAM? I will also include my hardware specifications after this.

    1T/2T command timing
    CAS# Latency
    RAS to CAS R/W Delay
    Row Precharge Time
    Minimum RAS Active Time
    TwTr Command Delay
    Write Recovery Time
    Precharge Time
    Row Cycle Time
    RAS to RAS Delay

    AMD FX 8150
    Gigabyte 970a-D3
    Ripjaws X 1866 2x4G (F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL)

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    They are still working on the BIOS for that mobo with the FX-8150, might check yo have the latest:

    Base timings for the DRAM are 9-10-9-28, 1.5 voltage, CR at 2T, the others should be adjusted by the BIOS to your particular mobo

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