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F3-12800cl9t2 - rma?

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  • F3-12800cl9t2 - rma?

    I have a GSkill 24GB kit (F3-12800CL9T2-24GBRL), with a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard and an i7-930. I think one of the RAM sticks died on me, and I wanted to see if there's anything else I should try before I send in for an RMA.

    My machine had been working perfectly for some time. (Stable, I'd run memtest overnight with no errors when I first got the 24GB kit) One day, it crashed unexpectedly, and I rebooted it. The BIOS reported only 20GB of memory during POST, though, as did Windows. I removed my overclock (I normally run my chip at 4GHz, the RAM was running at the 1600 MHz speed and timings that it's rated for) and restarted - still didn't see the last 4GB of RAM. This was at all speeds and voltages set to stock or auto. I tried bumping the QPI and DRAM voltages a few notches while keeping the speeds at stock, same results.

    I found plenty of posts saying that 'missing' memory on i7 systems can be caused by damaged pins in the CPU socket, so I pulled the motherboard and checked both the CPU and the socket with a magnifying glass. I didn't see any signs of bent or damaged pins. I then tested the RAM in single-channel mode, one stick at a time. All of the sticks POSTed properly except one. The board wouldn't start with that stick as the only one in the system - it behaved like no RAM was installed. I also started the board with three of the sticks that did POST and three 2GB sticks from another kit. The board recognized all the RAM properly, so I don't think any of the DIMM slots are bad.

    I think I need an RMA (I can't return the RAM to Newegg since I've had it longer than 30 days), but I wanted to check and make sure that there wasn't something else I should try first. Also, if I do need an RMA, should I send back the entire six-stick set, or just the bad stick?

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