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F3-14900CL9Q was working, no won't post

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  • F3-14900CL9Q was working, no won't post

    I have a brand new asus maximus iv extreme-z and 16gb of F3-14900CL9Q. All was working well before i left the house for brunch. i came back and the computer was on but unresponsive. so i powered it down. turned it back on and it wouldn't post. the mobo had 45 debug code and dram q led lit. 45 is not in the manual so i'm not sure what it is. but since the dram led was lit i removed all the ram and tried all four them one by one in slot A1. they all work and the pc boots up. now if i put all 4 back in, the problem occurs again.

    bad memory or bad motherboard?

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    i retested all 4 dimms again and i found 1 bad one. with the bad one in by itself the pc will not post. the other 3 work fine. RMA time.


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      Sounds like it, generally if within 30 days or so you can go through your e/re-tailer for the exchange, otherwise contact GSkill for the RMA.

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