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    Before I ask the main question let me just say that the stickers on the ram say it`s F3-10666CL7D-4GBR but AIDA64 and CPU-Z says it`s F3-10666CL7-2GBRH. The search on the website says there exists no F3-10666CL7-2GBRH, but only F3-10666CL7D-4GBR. I`ll take I own F3-10666CL7D-4GBR because of the sticker and website info. If anyone can clarify why AIDA64/CPU-Z is displaying wrong info I would be really grateful

    I`m trying to OC i5 750 on Asus P7P55D-E Evo. I have 4 sticks, each 2 GB of F3-10666CL7D-4GBR. 8 GBs in total. Due to OCing RAM is running at 1140 Mhz

    I OCed it to 3.8 and I passed over 12 hours on Prime95: Small FFTs but I had problems passing Blend and IntelBurnTest/LinX. That said to me that CPU was doing just fine but I had doubts about memory. 5 passes of MemTest86+ and zero error. I was lost...

    Then I raised DDIM Voltage from 1.500 to 1.512 in bios and I passed IntelBurnTest/LinX using 4 GBs of ram (30 runs) and endurered the Blend test for 7 hours before I got an error.

    My question is: If specified voltage for this ram is 1.5 how big is the tolerance? +-5%? Or does it really have to be spot on?

    When I set DIMM voltage to 1.5 I get these readings:
    In bios-->1.496 (but sometimes it goes to 1.493, 1.500, 1.503, 1.509)
    Idle in AIDA64--> 1.494 (but sometimes it goest to 1.488, 1.500, 1.506, 1.519)
    When running LinX in AIDA64--> 1.488 (but sometimes it goes to 494, 500, 506, 512, 519)

    When I set DIMM voltage to 1.512 I get these readings:
    In bios--> 512 (but sometimes it goes to 1.500, 1.506, 1.509, 1.521)
    Idle in AIDA64--> 1.512-1.519
    When running LinX in AIDA64-->1.512-1.519 (but sometimes it goest to 1.500 and 1.506)

    Is it normal for voltages to fluctuate like that? Is it safe? If there is a tolerance for DIMM voltage is this still safe? Would it still be safe if I raised DIMM voltage up another notch from 1.512 (to see if I can pass blend test for over 12 hours)

    More info on my OC:
    CPU Core 1.320 V
    CPU PLL 1.800 V
    South Bridge Core 1.044 V
    IMC 1.331 V
    North Bridge Clock 3047.8 MHz
    Memory Bus 571.5 MHz
    Memory Timings 7-7-7-19 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)


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    AIDA64 is showing the model for each module, not the full kit. It is showing the correct value/model.

    Yes, voltage fluctuation is very normal. DDR3 can tolerate DIMM Voltage very well; they do have on board voltage regulators to prevent extreme over volting.

    Raising DIMM Voltage can help, your memory can support 1.60V without a problem.

    Thank you


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      Thank you very much for responding!