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  • Suggestions to all

    Was thinking of posting this in each of the RAM forums, what do you think?
    I believe it might be helpful to all (DDR, DDR2, DDR3) but not sure of the best way it could be presented.

    Suggestions to those upgrading/buying RAM

    1. Check out the specs on the original chipset to see what it supported originally.
    Motherboard makers often tweak their individual BIOSs to accept faster RAM/FSB, the quality of acceptance can vary tremendously. Additionally not all mobo vendors do this, i.e. Vendor 1 might tweak a board to run 1066 RAM/1333 FSB, but not other boards running the same chipset. Likewise Vendor B might not upgrade any of their boards and/or may do it to all their boards.

    2. Check the QVL for the type of RAM you are considering. You may have specific RAM in mind which may/may not be on the list. If not, the list might still provide info as to timings the RAM on the list does support which could assist you in your decision and/or troubleshooting.

    3. Check reviews for your mobo (NewEgg is a decent place to look....and..if they don't list your mobo for sale, also try by Googling the board by model, you may well find a reference to NewEgg you can check. Many of the mobos they no longer carry still are available, along with reviews, even though NewEgg has deactivated the board). These reviews are more often real-world/hands on type data than you will see from from publication reviews that are often based on components supplied by the vendor and KNOWN to work with the mobo.

    4. Check for BIOS/driver updates. (Especially chipset and graphics updates). If updates are listed as BETA. be wary, and if you do try them have copies of the previous ones and create a restore point in the event they are buggy.

    5. If you do need help, provide the RAM in question, the amount of RAM, mobo, BIOS version, CPU, whether you are OCing, GPU (and driver), OS version, and any other data you think pertinent to your problem. Also try and be prepared for additional questions.

    6. Check CPU specs, especially AMD CPUs which are far more restrictive as to the RAM they will play with (almost forgot this as I am pretty much an Intel guy and Intel CPUs are far less restrictive.)
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