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LOW WEI score? Look here (64 bit mainly)

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  • LOW WEI score? Look here (64 bit mainly)

    Ok.. being a bit surprised about the WEI score (I mean I know it is not reliable but still, wa sgetting much lower than expected). Not used to Windows as it is a fairly poor operative system.

    Ok, so .. WEI does something like this... it doesn't purely measure perfomance but it has small preset scores too unfortunately.

    Eg. spindle hard disks, even 10000 rpm raptors in Raid 0 could still land you 5.9 which a 5400 rpm high volume disk could yield. ridiculous? Yes of course.

    How about memory? Ok well.. this is where this can help you troubleshoot problems if you are getting 5.9 say (a 'magical number)

    WEI pseudocode:
    for memscores higher than 5.8:

    IF (memory_score > 5.8 AND memory_size < 4 GB) Then WEI = 5.9
    ELSE test wei score.

    i.e. if memory is reported under 4 GB , it will regardless of QUALITY, rate it 5.9 for QUANTITY.

    SO what do you do?

    I have 4 GB on a 64 bit say. I am using integrated graphics!

    So UMA + SIDEPORT (sideport is dedicated memory for the IGP, UMA is system memory I borrow from my RAM).
    is enabled, then you will have less than 4 say and so will score 5.9

    IN BIOS: disable UMA and only use sideport/dedicated memory... also map it to "above 4G" if you can.. log back in ann dyou should have a total memory of 4096 say...

    then you should get your 'actual' wei score.

    Eg. I did this and now am reporting 7.7 on my memory which makes sense, NOT 5.9

    If you have a dedicated graphics card, make sure it does not lend system memory if you wish to get your 'correct WEI score.

    That's it.

    Now that you have your score, you can safely enable UMA should you wish, the WEI number does not REFLECT performance AT ALL , only tries to reflect min. specs. the fact there are presets shows windows is unreliable .. oh or microsoft.

    Use proper benchmarking utilities if you wish to explore this.

    I add some images for measure.

    hmm, my pics get resized very small when I use freeimagehosting so nevermind.
    but 7.7 with no system memory sent to GPU, 5.9 when UMA is enabled.

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    Thanks for sharing the info.

    Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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      why would you actually care for some score windows displays for itself?

      is there any practical application/use for this score? i never heard of it


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        No, people just like to see scores.. even if they are inaccurate.

        Thank you


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          Originally posted by eiskalt1980 View Post
          why would you actually care for some score windows displays for itself?

          is there any practical application/use for this score? i never heard of it
          Because I sell computers... not to mention 90% of computer users barely know what to do outside of windows?


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            ok now THAT makes sense
            didnt mean any disrespect by asking my question ..i just didnt get it why someone would care for such things


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              this is a good piece of information......thanks for sharing
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