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  • F3-12800cl9d-4gbnq

    Hello everyone!
    I decide to build a new pc and what do you think, is F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ memory a good choice for Biostar A880G+ mobo? are they compatible?

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    Believe the mobo is rated to 1333 for DRAM, so the 1600s could work or may have to be downclocked, also it will depend on the CPU you chose, if it can run 1333 or 1600.....will want to check specs on your CPU of choice

    Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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      CPU is AMD Athlon II X3 450 and as the reviews of mobo show, this Biostar A880G+ m/b can support 1600s too. Some of the reviewers say that even they have unlocked the 4th core


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        RAM - MB compatibility

        hello..i am not sure that i am posting this on the right thread...sorry, but can you help me anyway

        my rig
        asrock x58 extreme
        i7 950
        gtx 460
        corsair 650 tx
        2x WD caviar black 1 tb


        g-skill f3-10666, ddr3 cl9-4 gbrl (2x2gb) - 3 kits - total 12 is the problem

        is it compatible with this mobo?...on g-skill site it says only p55....system is unstable...bsod every once in a while...installed win 7 64 bit...tried every combination a1,b1,c,1, c2,b2, blah, blah...ran memtest on other computer..each stick worked do i get another RAM type?...which is x58 i have to change settings in BIOS to stabilize the system?....if not, can you, please, give me a list of the tested 12 GB combination RAM on asrock x58 extreme?...possibly 1333 Mhz, or maybe 1600...i don't plan to maybe 1333...6 sticks of 1600mhz cannot work fully on this MB, right?... thanks


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          They may or may not work. It is highly recommended to avoid 3 kits, most of the time they will have problems especially on a triple channel motherboard. If you need 12GB, you should purchase a 3 x 4GB kit or 6 x 2GB kit.

          Thank you
          GSKILL TECH