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Compatibility: Sony VAIO EC and F, 2x4GB

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  • Compatibility: Sony VAIO EC and F, 2x4GB

    i5-580m doesn't need more than 1066 CAS7 but i7-740qm can use 1333 CAS9.
    I have a Vaio EC with i5-580m but I may get a Vaio F with i7-740qm, so I'd like to buy the G.SKILL F3-10600CL9D-8GBSQ (2x4GB at 1333 CAS9) to use them now with the EC and later with the F. My problems are:

    - I've seen (here) that some people had problems with 2x4GB on laptops. Are these kits (2x4GB 1066 or 1333) compatible at all with Vaio EC or Vaio F?
    - is it for sure that 1333 CAS9 will underclock completely by itself to 1066 CAS7 (emphasis on CAS7) on the i5? Keep in mind I have no BIOS options to set custom timings.
    - is it a smart thing to go for 2x4GB 1333 CAS9 on the i5 (in case it runs at CAS7), or should I stick to 1066 CAS7 just to be sure it runs?


    (why I'm not getting 8GB directly from Sony? Cause it's bloody expensive, on NewEgg the 2x4GB@1333 is $99 now due to some $15 coupon while on SonyStyle it's a +$250 option)
    (the specific EC I'm having is VPCEC390X, built to order)
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    GSkill should be in Monday and they might well know better, I'd like to say you'd be good to go, but a number of laptops require DRAM based on certain ICs or specific density chips.....also laptops generally have very limited BIOSs, so you can't play with timings and voltages to smooth things out.

    Maybe another member may have some experience upgrading one of these that can shed more light on the comparability

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      At least... is there anybody using 2x4GB G.SKILLS SODIMMs 1333 CAS9?

      If so, please take a look with cpu-z and tell me what CAS is there for 1066. In CPU-Z, on the SPD tab, you'll see (lower part) the JEDEC timings as recorded in that tiny EPROM on the memory. Probably you'll have 3-4 JEDEC columns, the rightest one being the max memory spec, 667 MHz in your case (that's for 1333), that's where it should say CAS9.

      And I'm interested in the CAS recorded for the immediate slower frequency, 533 MHz (equivalent of 1066). Does it say CAS7?



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        Yes, the DDR3-1333 CL9 will have JEDEC DDR3-1066 CL7. It is standardized so your laptop should be able to downclock.

        Thank you