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F3-14400CL7D and M4A89GTD Pro BIOS settings

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  • F3-14400CL7D and M4A89GTD Pro BIOS settings

    Mobo: M4A89GTD PRO/USB3
    BIOS Version: 1456
    Proc:: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Ed
    DRAM: F3-14400CL7D 4GBFLS FLARE PC-14400 8GB 4X2GB DDR3 1800 (Marketed for the AMD Hex core Processors)
    OS: WINDOWS 7 64bit

    Hi. I read some of your stickies, particularly the one for the same mobo with CL9 DRAM. That made me try raising the DRAM and NB voltage. They were at DRAM 1.640 and NB 1.281 under [AUTO] settings. I upped them to 1.65000 and 1.28750 respectively. I also reset the timings which defaulted to 9-9-9-24 to 7-8-7-24. There were other settings I didn't have the confidence to change.

    I'm still having occasional BSOD stops. Not frequent but nonetheless not desireable! I just wondered if you might recommend BIOS settings. The rig was set up by a dealer and I'm new to this Mobo. There are a lot of settings I haven't seen before.

    One last question. All the settings in ECC Mode are set to [disable]. Should they be enabled?

    Thanks in advance for this forum and your answers.
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    Oops. Sorry for the poor title. Perhaps a MOD could change it for me to reflect the subject better. Newbie mistake.

    Should be: F3-14400CL7D and M4A89GTD Pro BIOS settings

    or something similar.


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      Think first check Command Rate (CR) and ensure it's set to 2N. If that's already at 2 may want to raise NB 1.3 and/or change CL to 8

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