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F3-12800CL9T2-12GBNQ (6x2GB) /w P6X58D-E mobo & i7-980x O.C. to 4.0Ghz

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  • F3-12800CL9T2-12GBNQ (6x2GB) /w P6X58D-E mobo & i7-980x O.C. to 4.0Ghz

    Dear G.Skill Support,

    I have a serious question about setting up My Bios with G.SKILL NQ 12GB (6 x 2GB) Model F3-12800CL9T2-12GBNQ

    My setup is:

    Intel i7-980X 3.33Ghz (O.C. to 4Ghz)
    Asus P6X58D-E Motherboard
    G.SKILL NQ 12GB (6 x 2GB) DDR3 Ram

    I made my system as much as possible stable with following BIOS settings but I still get some random freezing issues and first reason I find is because of Memory.

    Temps Are completely fine (around 30-35C) (75-80C) on full Prime load) And I know people are fine with i980X O.C. to 4Ghz or 4.2Ghz easy

    My Current BIOS Settings:

    Ai Overclock: Manual or X.M.P. - same thing.
    CPU Ratio Setting: 20
    Intel Speed Step: Disabled
    BLCK Frequency: 200
    PCIE Frequency: 100
    DRAM Frequency: DDR4 - 1603Mhz
    UCLK Frequency: Auto
    QPI Timing Control: All on [Auto] or on X.M.P. Automatic settings.

    CPU Voltage Control: Manual
    CPU PLL Voltage: Auto
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage: 1.40000
    CPU Voltage: 1.35000

    IOH Voltage: Auto
    IOG PCIE Voltage: Auto
    ICH PCIE Voltage: Auto
    DRAM BUS Voltage 1.64

    Could you please suggest me which settings I'd have to adjust to make my system more stable.

    Another thing is about memory itself - do I have the right chips? Maybe I should have gotten something better? Performance-vise

    I appreciate your GSkill time!!
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    Some Updates

    I did not found any answer from GSKILL but my update would be:

    It seems that I have stabilized System by lowering BLCK Frequency (Bus Speed) to 160 and upping Mutliplier (CPU Ratio Setting) to 25

    I believe memory could not handle so high Bus Speed numbers.

    My questions stays: Should I get faster memory for much faster performances?


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      No, your QPI/DRAM Core Voltage was probably slightly off. You always need to test for the stable voltage. A little different can cause stability problems.
      The memory will be fine with 200 x 8, 160 x 10, or 133 x 12

      Since 160 was OK and 200 had problem, maybe not enough voltage for QPI @ 200.

      Thank you


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        Did you mean CPU RATIO ( Multiplier) of 8? when you wrote 200x8 But then my CPU will be at 1600Mhz - And I want to be 4Ghz. so in I need 200x20 for 4Ghz.

        And... do you think QPI/Dram Core Voltage can go above 1.4V Volts?



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          No, what I mean is that the QPI will need more voltage since you overclocked the BCLK to 200.

          Yes, the QPI/DRAM Core Voltage can be over 1.40V, but make sure you have an aftermarket CPU cooler to keep temps cool.

          Thank you
          GSKILL TECH