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Change of RAM please

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  • Change of RAM please

    Hi, I'm a french guy, so, excuse me for my "low level" in English
    I've bought a motherboard Asus P7P55D-E-Pro and your RAM, type [ Ripjaws ] F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL
    I've a lot of Bsod, crash and other messages, like "this program has stopped" (ce programme a cess? de fonctionner, in french) or at cold boot
    I've tried also with a ASUS Maximus III on another computer : same trouble
    I use the XMP profile, I've even put the voltage at 1.6V : it's better but not stable at all !
    I've search on the web and seen that my MOBO and this type of RAM don't work fine together
    I wonder if it is possible to change this RAM with another type (like [ ECO ] F3-12800CL8D-4GBECO (2Gx2))
    Of course I will pay for the additional cost
    Could you please explain to me what I have to do
    NB : I use the lastest Bios (1002) with Windows 7, 64 bits

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    Send the memory in for new replacements. If you want to excahnge for the ECO series, you should contact your original place of purchase.

    Thank you


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      Change of RAM

      I can't change the type of RAM (i.e. for ECO type) via my original place of purchase
      I believe my RAM is ok, so if I send it to you, the trouble will stay.....(crash at cold boot, if the pc can run about 5 mn, it will be ok until I shutdown !)
      In a another hand, if the only solution is to send my RAM for replacement, please tell me how to send, and where....
      Thank you


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        Or contact your original place of purchase for an exchange.

        Thank you


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          Ram was wrong

          All seems ok now, after RAM replacement
          RAM test (with memtest86+) was ok with my Asus P7 but wrong with a gigabyte MOBO....
          Anyway, I can enjoy my (nearly) new computer now
          You can close this thread, and thanks for your support