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F3-1600lc9d-4gbtd & msi p55-cd53

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  • F3-1600lc9d-4gbtd & msi p55-cd53

    Hello, I just built up a new system with two kits of F3-1600LC9D-4GBTD for a total of 8GB on the MSI P55-CD53 mainboard. It's running the latest BIOS, v1.3. (CPU is an Intel i7 860.)

    I cannot get this RAM to run at 2000. I can get it to 1600 by setting MEM Ratio to 6, which is the max. XMP profiles will only get it to 1600, too.

    I have been able to get the RAM to 1992 by setting XMP Profile to Auto and MEM Ratio to Auto, but then the FSB is boosted from 133MHz to 166MHz, causing the machine to crash trying to run the OS!

    I would like to run my RAM at its rated speed of 2000 without overclocking the CPU, but I don't see how I can do that on this board. Am I missing something, or will I have to wait for a BIOS update?


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    Make the following changes in BIOS and your computer should be running smoothly.

    Adjust CPU Base Frequency - 167
    Adjust CPU Ratio - 17

    Memory-Z (submenu)

    DRAM Timing Mode - Manual
    Memory Ratio - 12x (max)

    DRAM Voltage - 1.60V

    Save and exit.

    Thank you


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      Sorry, but it doesn't run smoothly! I'd already tried reducing the multiplier, and the machine still crashes trying to boot the OS.

      I've been doing some reading, and it looks like the Intel specification puts limits on the XMP profiles. I'm assuming this means the max I can get from this RAM w/o overclocking the CPU is 1600.

      Is that what you're telling me?
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        With 2 sets of sticks, you may well have to manually raise the tRFC, check what it's at, should be 88 or so in clicks or if it's in ns (nano-seconds) it will be about 195.5.

        Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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          Thx Tradesman,

          tRFC is set at 88 with RAM running at 1600. Any recommendations on how much I should raise it? Or should I just raise it incrementally by 1 till I can boot into Windows and get a stable system? Anything else I should change?

          Thx and Regards!


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            Maybe go 2 clicks at a time, could also raise the Dram Voltage by .05 and give a little extra voltage to the CPU (just a tad .05 to .07)


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              RamJam said about what I'm thinking, may also just want to disable the XMP profiles, most are still immature

              Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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                Thanks so much, RamJam and Tradesman!!

                I'm about to turn in now, but I'll give it a shot tomorrow and report back. BTW, I am using the stock Intel cooler. I used a CoolerMaster C690 case, which has three 120mm fans. Speedfan reports a CPU temp of 86degF while I write this, though it ran at ~120degF while doing a 50GB backup to an eSATA drive earlier today. Might I need to replace the stock cooler with a better one?



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