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Which of these DDR3 kits are compatible with my rig?

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  • Which of these DDR3 kits are compatible with my rig?

    Hello good people!
    I`m a newbie here, and would greatly appreciate if you would share your wisdom with me.
    I`m planning to upgrade my old build with 2x4GB DDR3 kit, but not sure if the ones I have my eyes on are compatible with it.

    My build:
    M4A88TD-M EVO
    Phenom II X2 555 (+2 cores unlocked goes up to 3.8-3.9Ghz)

    I know these kits are a bit overkill and won`t reach their full potential, but I`m planning to run them with timings tight as possible.
    I just want to know if any of these would work in harmony with the other parts?


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    DDR3-1866 and AM3 is already pushing it. Many CPU & MB combos will barely do DDR3-1800 max. So the F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL are probably the safest bet in that regard, they might even have had your motherboard on their QVL back in the days.

    When it comes to overclocking, some of the higher specced kits might have better binned chips or IC types, but I am not sure if there is still a lot left to chose from for current stock. My F3-2400C11D-8GAB were all single rank Hynix 4Gbit based, decent for high frequency not exactly optimal for tight timings. You'd want a decent Samsung 2Gbit D-Die based kit for that instead like the famous Trident X F4-2400C9D-8GTXD, they should do 1600 6-7-7 with most subs at their minimum values and only 1.65V (or less).

    Edit: I usually did not test frequencies this low but found a screenshot for 1600 6-7-7 in one of my Haswell based Reviews:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	GSK2400C9D8GTXD_1600c6.png Views:	0 Size:	134.5 KB ID:	165170
    Last edited by emissary42; 08-27-2020, 11:03 PM.
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      Thank you for the input.
      I don`t think I can get my hands on the Trident X F3-2400C9D-8GTXD, but those timings seem really good. Do you think the F3-2400C11D-8GAB couldn`t do something similar?
      I assume I could get better timings on lower frequency with the F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL or F3-17000CL11D-8GBXL than the F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL, or am I mistaken?


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        What to expect is hard to say, since it depends on the IC type you will get on your kit.

        For a Hynix 4Gbit BFR/MFR based kits I would say 1600 7-8-8 / 7-9-8 might be realistic at 1.65V, with a tRFC of 160. You would however lose some performance because of the 4GB modules being single rank. So 2x8GB might actually be the better option, then. For example both F3-2400C11D-16GAB and F3-2400C11D-16GXM are still available and relatively affordable, here in Europe at least.
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          Unfortunately my mobo doesn`t support 8GB modules


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            Speaking from my own experience with a Gigabyte 880GMA-UD2H, there is no such limitation on either the platform or the chipset side. And to add to that, 8GB dual rank modules and 4GB single rank modules do have the same density. So if the density of 8GB modules is too high, that would be the same for single rank 4GB modules. You would then need dual rank 4GB modules, which require being built from 2Gbit ICs and I am not sure if there is any stock left of those... because these have been out of production for years by now.

            If you want to make sure, check back with the ASUS support about it or if there is an updated QVL available. The motherboard specifications on the product pages usually do not get updated, even when higher density ICs become available, so they often contain false/outdated information.
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              Thanks, I`ll check it out.


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                hey there, nice to see that some still is on the am3

                i cant say much about low timigs but bit about compatibility, i have f3-2400c10d-8gtx (4x4Gb), useing on asus crosshair v formula with phenom 955 BE in past and now on fx-8350, this kit is not on my QVL however working fine at 1926 9-10-10-29
                basically i'd be calm about G.Skill and bought some 1600 cl7, these ones u posted are rly overkill, good luck

                PS. U could get more out of that mobo, get deneb




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                  Thanks for the advice Dave, I`ve been looking into it, but the used X4 980 and X6 1090T/1100T are going for ridiculous prices here in the UK, don`t know what people think... Anyway I`ll keep looking.


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