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Need Timing Tables for DDR3 model: F3-2400C11Q-16GSR.

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  • Need Timing Tables for DDR3 model: F3-2400C11Q-16GSR.

    First, there is conflicting information listed. Some areas say it's 2400, another says 2133. More importantly to me, I am going to be using this 2400 DDR3 on a systetm expecting DDR3-1600. This will change the CAS settings (timing tables). If somone can post the timing tables, I would really appreciate it. Piriform's app called Speccy shows each channel, along with the voltages and CAS Latency, etc (At different FSB speeds). I always use DDR3 that is rated higher than my system so I can get the lower timing rates. Any posted info would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much!

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    If you do this regularly, you should be aware there are no tested timings for other frequencies outside of the programmed standard profile for DDR3-1600 and the XMP for DDR3-2400. You can check all the programmed profiles/timings via Thaiphoon Burner.

    The minimal timings for DDR3-1600 at 1.65V can vary from kit to kit and depending upon platform. From my experience with similar Hynix based kits, I would expect something in the range of 7-8-8-24 or 7-9-8-24 1T and a tRFC around 200 on a decent Z77/Z87/Z97 motherboard.
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