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various BSOD using Ripjaws with Asus P7P55D Pro

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  • various BSOD using Ripjaws with Asus P7P55D Pro

    I have a 2x2GB pair of Ripjaws (F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH) in my new build:
    I7 860 + Asus P7P55D Pro

    I am experiencing various BSODs in the form of:
    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, BAD_POOL_CALLER, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT... when doing nothing but browsing, or playing a game, doesn't really matter.

    I have run memtest86:
    dual channel - fail
    single channel - pass (both tested separately)

    Screen Shots Below:

    Bios Voltages:

    Timings Level 1

    CPUZ Memory Timings in Dual Channel Mode

    Memtest with Both Sticks - Fail

    Other image links (since you dont allow more than 4):

    General Bios Settings:

    Skew Control

    Slew Rate

    Timings Level 2-3

    CPUZ Memory Timings in Single Channel (One stick)

    Memtest Single Stick - Pass (tried both sticks separately in slot a1 and slot b1)

    Ram Timing Label Differences, how am I to know:
    CPUZ Current Memory Speed: 9-9-9-24-72-2T
    CPUZ JEDEC #4: @666 9-9-9-24-33 1.5V
    CPUZ XMP1334: @667 7-7-7-19-31 1.6V
    Sticker (on ram): 7-7-7-18 1.5V
    GSkill Website: 7-7-7-21-2N 1.5V

    Not sure what timings to set, nor do I know how since the BIOS has different names and more settings than I know what to do with.
    Regardless, is it really timings if the failure is only in dual channel and they pass in single one at a time?

    Help is appreciated, seems like one stick works but as soon as they are combined, it becomes unstable. I need to get this PC working soon since I use it for work.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Do you have the sticks in slots 1-3 (black) or 2-4(blue) Might want to try the other pair. If by chance you have them in 1-2 or 3-4, then dual channel just won't work have to have a stick in each channel.

    Above is just a shot. I'm guessing it either the mobo drivers and/or BIOS - don't know your operating system, but the page below will let you select the OS and find the latest drivers/BIOS (funny, sort of, it's brand new and already has BIOS updates available):

    Another possibility would be your video driver: If using the current driver, you might want to try the previous version, or the latest beta if available - you didn't indicate what GPU(s) you are using so this place should have you covered:

    the Guru generally has the current and last couple or so versions available as well as quite often having beta versions on site


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      more Specs info

      Hi Tradesman,

      My sticks were in the slots as indicated by the manual: a1 and b1 (light color) (or as you put it slots 2 and 4 since they label them a2,a1,b2,b1 in that order).
      They were detected as dual channel, just unstable as indicated in my post. I don't think they should be elsewhere unless Asus messed up.

      I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3
      I have updated to the latest bios already, and installed all latest drivers, I know it is new...
      I'm running an old and tried/true video card Asus 8600GTS, with the latest drivers (non beta). It has been in an older system and worked well.

      I'm now running on only one stick, so far stable, played a game for 1.5 hrs (Americas Army) and surfed, no BSOD so far... now if you could only help with the dual channel issue!

      Oh and any explanation of the various reported timings on the different sources: ram sticker vs CPUZ vs Actual vs this website's posted settings... what gives.

      I'm running out of time since the store has a short return policy where I got it... two weeks, might have to swap em for something different if I cant get this to work.

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        Well bear with me, and it may not make sense to you (some or even all)

        1. With the settings you have - try the sticks in the other two slots - I know what the manual says....but..... Gigabyte is the leader in having the secondary slots work better than the primary depending on the RAM, ASUS isn't far behind, so it may well work.


        2. Manually input the speed, base timings (7-7-7-21), command rate 2T, and voltage at 1.5.
        This thought can be tried in either or both options 1-3 or 2-4. These are the spec timing...leaving your other timing on auto will prob change some of them after these are entered i.e. tRFC, (which by the way, with stock setting, I think will come up around 68 or so, instead of the current 74, this setting might also have to be changed manually.

        If neither works, there's more we can try, I'll be up for another couple hours or so, but have to be up at about 4:15 AM (PST) so I'll probably hit it about midnight or so.

        Genetix is up and active, he might throw in some 1st hand knowledge, I'll PM him, but I'm sure he'll see this

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          manufacturer tested timings

          I'm currently working (using one stick) so I can't test the settings till I have time to play with the system, most likely tomorrow.

          Does the manufacturer perhaps have a set of recommended timings and settings as I've seen posted for other mobos... since this mobo is listed on the ram's supported list, have they not tested with specific settings in dual channel mode?

          I'm not well versed on the timings page, should i enter your recommended timings on the level 1 screen in that order from top to bottom, or do they go into specific places, obviously there are more settings available than values given on the ram.

          CAS# Latency: 7?
          RAS to CAS Delay: 7?
          RAS PRE Time: 7?
          RAS ACT Time: 21?
          RAS to RAS Delay: ?
          REF CYCLE TIME: 21?
          Timing Mode: 2N (I already assumed and set this before since it was using 1N) I assume this is the same as 2T vs 1T

          Voltage: would that be the DRAM voltage (AUTO) on the main screen?currently showing 1.587V (I believe it fluctuates currently)

          Just want to be sure before changing, thanks!



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            IMC Voltage - 1.2V
            DRAM Voltage - 1.6V

            DRAM CAS Latency - 7
            DRAM RAS to CAS Delay - 7
            DRAM PRE Time - 7
            DRAM ACT Time - 21
            DRAM RAS to RAS Delay - 4
            DRAM REF Cycle Time - 80
            DRAM WRITE Recovery Time - 10
            DRAM READ to PRE Time - 7
            DRAM FOUR ACT WIN Time - 20

            Let me know how that works.

            Thank you
            GSKILL SUPPORT


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              voltage for p55

              I realize that the motherboard is currently using a DRAM voltage of 1.58 automatically and as such 1.6 is not much more... but wasnt the P55 architecture meant for 1.5V and such is stated on the RAM.
              I don't mean to be questioning you, I'm just confused by the specs and the Ram being targeted for 1.5V as the sticker states. I'll do more testing today after work!


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                Yes, just giving it a 0.1V bump to make sure it is not a voltage issue. We can tune it down later once we troubleshoot the actual issue. =)

                Thank you
                GSKILL SUPPORT


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                  timing test 1

                  Ok tried your settings:

                  Row Refresh Cycle Time did not have a value of 80, either 78 or 82 so i chose 82.

                  CPUZ Current Timings now show:
                  Freq: 668.8
                  FSBRAM 2:10

                  Memtest still shows errors starting test 4 and then in test 5... thats when i stopped it.
                  I ran windows for a bit and opened a bunch of websites etc, eventually got the "BAD_POOL_CALLER" BSOD.

                  The voltages, set value and actuals (which fluctuate):
                  IMC set to 1.2 was at around 1.209V
                  DRAM set to 1.6 was at around 1.590V

                  Any further instructions?
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                    Try testing them individually to see if you have a bad stick.
                    Keep me posted.

                    Thank you
                    GSKILL SUPPORT


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                      Single tests

                      Already did that right at the start.
                      I used Memtest for each stick separately, I let it do a full test on each, there were no errors reported!

                      Just to test some more, i changed the stick I've been using for the last couple of days and swapped in the other, played games for over two hrs and no issues. The sticks work fine by themselves, one or the other, each time I tried a different light blue ram slot.

                      Any other ideas? Settings?
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                        Might still be bad ram

                        Ok so after swapping the sticks and running with the other for a few hours playing games without issues... this morning I boot and get a blue screen. I reboot and get a different blue screen... so i swap back for the other stick and boot without issue.

                        Seems to me that after all the testing, one stick is bad... interesting that sometimes it worked without issue and passed memtest... maybe it needed to be left on for repeated tests overnight.

                        I'm gonna exchange the pair at the store tomorrow since their return policy runs out after that. Sending them for a replacement would take longer and my computer would be out of comission.



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                          If it persist w/ the new sticks, I'm still leaning toward a driver or hardware compatability problem, based on the bad Bad_Pool_Caller part of the BSOD.

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                            Well, the "Bad_Pool_Caller" was just one of a bunch of errors, no real consistency with them. I have no errors at all with the one stick, so I dont see it being a driver problem since they are a constant when changing to the other stick or going dual channel. I was hoping they'd have some timings for me and all would be well, but that never helped, time to change them up before it is too late.


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                              Alright, I went to the store and unfortunately they did not have any more GSkill Ram to exchange for... so I was forced to use another brand (OCZ low voltage ram) which is working fine.
                              Case closed. Final verdict is Bad Ram.