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G33m Mobo compatible with DDR3 1333 10666?

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  • G33m Mobo compatible with DDR3 1333 10666?

    Would this RAM module,


    be compatible with

    foxconn G33m-02

    which is a modified version of Dell Vostro 200. The BIOS is 1.0.15, and it supports the current RAID HDD. The OS is Vista x64.

    I am assuming the timing of 9-9-9 would guarantee stability of & compatibility with the system than 8-8-8, correct?

    Thanks for your support.

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    Believe the G33m is a socket 775 isn't it? Worked on one not long ago, if so it only takes DDR2. Will check my Foxconn docs, be back later this PM and will check.

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      I add this info extracted from my desktop unit. I hope it helps.


      Computer Brand Name: DELL Vostro 200

      Motherboard Model: DELL 0CU409
      Motherboard Chipset: Intel G33 (Bearlake-G) + ICH9R
      Motherboard Slots: 2xPCI, 1xPCI Express x16

      [(G)MCH Features]
      Max. Render Clock Frequency: 400 MHz
      Dual Independent Display: Supported
      Dual Channel: Supported
      2 DIMMS per Channel: Supported
      Chipset Trusted Execution Technology (LT): Not Supported
      Agent Presence: Supported
      System Defense (Circuit Breaker): Supported
      Multiprocessor Systems: Not Supported
      FAN Speed Control: Supported
      EastFork: Supported
      ME Crypto: Supported
      ME Debug: Not Supported
      Manageability Engine (ME): Supported
      iAMT: Not Supported
      VLD and IDCT: Supported
      AMT DO PRO: Not Supported
      AMT DO Fundamental: Supported
      Intel Virtualization Technology for I/O Devices (VT-d): Not Supported
      3D Integrated Graphics: Supported
      Internal Graphics: Supported
      Primary PCI Express Port x16: Supported
      Primary PCI Express Port: Supported
      Secondary PCI Express Port x16: Supported
      Secondary PCI Express Port: Supported

      ======================<check these>=====================

      ECC: Supported
      DDR3: Supported
      Primary and Secondary PCI Express Gen 2: Supported
      DDR Frequency Support: 666 MHz (DDR-1333)
      FSB Frequency Support: 333 MHz (1333 QDR)

      ======================<check these>=====================

      [ICH9 Features]
      Mobile Features: Not Supported
      Intel AMT Support: Not Supported
      Quick Resume Technology: Supported
      SATA RAID0/1/10: Supported
      SATA Ports 2,3: Supported

      BIOS Manufacturer: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
      BIOS Date: 06/23/08
      BIOS Version: 1.0.15


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        Sorry, couldn't find anything, might be one of the mobos that are DDR2 that claim they can run DDR2 1333, but finding it is another thing. Kingston has this

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          With Socket 775 it isn't worth it for DDR3-1333, not to mention it may not be able to run up to it. It does seem like it claims it can, but since we have not tested this motherboard we can not recommend it. Most G33 mobos state DDR2-800, but if anything DDR2-1066 is more realistic than trying DDR3-1333 which could potentially not work at all and simply be a waste of money.

          Thank you
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