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ASRock z75 pro3 + F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL issue

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  • ASRock z75 pro3 + F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL issue

    My setup is:
    ASRock z75 pro3 BIOS v1.40
    i5 3750K
    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL
    Antec Earthwatts 430D (430W) power supply

    I am having an issue where it continually power cycles on and off every 4-5 seconds if I have RAM in slots B1 or B2.

    However if I put either memory stick in slots A1 or A2 (or both slots at the same time) my rig POSTs and boots fine and I can successfully get into the BIOS.

    I have my rig breadboarded right now on my desk and here are my observations:

    1) Computer will boot/post fine if either stick is put into memory slot A1 or A2 (only 1 stick being used, non-dual channel mode).
    2) Computer will boost/post fine if both sticks are put into memory slots A1 and A2 at the same time (2 sticks in use, non-dual channel mode)
    3) Power cycling issue is seen if either stick is put in B1 or B2 (regardless if the other stick is being used or not)

    I am starting to think that memory slots B1 and B2 on the mobo are defective and causing the power cycle every few seconds. I have verified that with the combinations that boot the BIOS is detecting everything properly.

    I found this thread which seems somewhat similar to the problems I am experiencing

    Also with 1 stick of RAM in my system I do not see the option in the BIOS to Load XMP setting so I have not tried this.

    Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    Do you have or could you borrow another PSU you could try? That's my first thought, If you can't run a stick in either B slot, then no dual channel and no XMP.... could try raising DRAM Voltage + .05 and possibly the VTT about the same, then try and install second leaning towards PSU though or maybe mobo

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      So I re-seated my processor (for the 3rd time) as a last resort and it booted with the memory sticks in slots 1-3 and says its running in dual channel mode in the BIOS. Also tried slots 2-4 for the heck of it and they worked as well.

      I was fairly confident in the PSU as I just pulled it out of my other system that had been running fine for years and had higher wattage requirements since my new rig does not have a dedicated GPU (just using HD4000 on the CPU for now).

      The auto settings recognize both sticks correctly as DDR3-1333 and is using:
      DRAM voltage: 1.585
      VTT voltage: 1.076

      Thanks for the reply and convincing me indirectly through another thread to check my CPU again.

      However I still do not see a Load XMP setting option in the BIOS. The only ones I have under DRAM timing configuration are DRAM Frequency and DRAM configuration. Any idea why the XMP configuration would not show up?


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        Didn't even think about it before, had the PSU on my mind and no slot B working, but XMP is for sticks 1600 and abovethe mobo itself should take 1333 (and possibly since it's newer 1600) as default values. XMP is for sticks over and above the the native DRAM freq of the CPUs

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