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Should I RMA this or try something else?

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  • Should I RMA this or try something else?

    One of my chips is bad I think. I started getting BSOD's and took away one of the two memory chips and everything worked fine. I swapped one chip for the other and started getting BSOD's again. I ran Windows memory test and memtest86+ and BOTH diagnostics found errors (memtest found several) whereas the other ram chip came up clean. I've had both working flawlessly for a couple of months (G.Skill Sniper DDR3-1600 4gbx2) until my first BSOD came out of the blue.

    I have no heating of dust issues and my computer is maintained extremely well.

    (Fwiw, I sent an email to G.Skill's rma department and have yet to hear a response -- hence my post here)

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    Not sure when you emailed, but they M-F so itf it was Fri/Sat/Sun they are probably playing catchup, in the meantime, sounds like a bad stick, but might try cleaning the gold connectors with rubbing alcohol using a foam swab or lint-free cloth, prob won't help, but worth a minute or two

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