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2-8000CL5-4GBPQ 1000mhz issue!

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  • 2-8000CL5-4GBPQ 1000mhz issue!

    My PC configuration is the next: E6850, MSI NEO3 FR ( last bios disponible ), 4GBPQ DDR2-1000, 2xSEAGATE RAID0, 8800GT, 620 ENERMAX LIBERTY.

    Running memory is possible but only at 800mhz ( 333*9 cpu ) and 2,1voltage. If i put the original 1000mhz the system became unstable. I have tested those things with PRIME95, at 800mhz works fine but at 1000 i have freezing,blue screen or booting failure. The strange thing is that a previous ram modules ,from OCZ, was 1066mhz and they work fine!! ( without setting voltage or cas latency ).

    If i select "optimized..." in bios the system recognize the memory like the JEDEC specific and it's normal.It is so discouraging running these to 800mhz. I tryed all things are possible: setting the cas latency to 5-5-5-15 or low ( 4-4-4-12 with these one the system won't start) .

    ps. I have tested the memory module there are not errors.

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    Your mobo provides native support up to 800 @ 1.8, 1066 when OCed. 1000 is sort of an odd lot for DDR2, have you tried relaxing your timings and upping voltage i.e. 5-6-6-17 ,,,,2.1 and possibly even 2.2 volts, all of which will have to be manually loaded in your BIOS

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