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F2-6400CL4D-4GBBPI-B and P5b Deluxe

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  • F2-6400CL4D-4GBBPI-B and P5b Deluxe

    MB: Asus P5B Del with lateset 1238 BIOS
    RAM F2-6400CL4D-4GBPI-B
    CPU E6400 currently at stock 8x266
    OS Win 7 64

    Upgrading RAM from GSkill PC2-6400 GBHZ 2GB kit to the 4GB listed above.
    I'm unable to get the system to POST. Fans, HD's all power up but my screen never POST. I've tried all combinations: Blk slots, yellow slots, 1 stick, the other stick in all slots - No POST.
    The system has been a rock with the older RAM. System O/C'd at 8x400, RAM at 2.15v (4-4-4-12, withTRFC at 25) for the past 2 years no problems.

    Before installing the newer RAM, I lowered killed the OC and set to default 8/226, I lowered the memory voltage to the top of its recommended range 1.9v and set the timings to 4-4-4-12 with TRFC ranging on multiple reboots from 25, 35 & 42 Only options. No Post!

    I tried 5-5-5-15 and all the TRFC's to no avail. "Memory Remap" Tried enabled and disabled, Tried "Auto" go!

    I'm beginning to think the RAM may be bad...but the odds on both sticks being bad.....

    My brain hurts and my fingers are tired of the RAM swap two step/reboot routine.
    I would appreciate any thoughts or guidance,

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    try running memtest on each stick individually in slot 1.
    For 2 sticks you'll want to manually load the timings 4-4-4-12, DRAM Voltage at 1.9, tRFC at about 66 and Command Rate at 2T (Believe your mobo defaults to 1T), might also want to ensure the BIOS is at it's current version.

    Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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      Tradesman - thanks for the reply

      BIOS is most current 1238
      Command Rate is 2T; BIOS has no way to manually change
      Timings manually set 4-4-4-12
      Voltage set at 19.v

      tFRC is set to maximum allowable in BIOS "42"
      (the older GBHZ's ran at 25)
      Is there a software based solution that will allow tweaking tFRC outside of BIOS?
      I remember long ago on the Nforce 2 boards there was a solution; if so I cannot locate online

      The big problem, will memtest run on a board that will not POST with this new RAM?

      Thanks for the help


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        Bump...looking for any other possible solutions


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          hmm, haven't been around for long time, but that tRFC should cut it for 800Mhz. 25? **** you should be looking something like 65-70T for decent OC and otherwise. Hell, even 85T on 1066Mhz at RAM.

          1.9v should cut the 400x8 800Mhz DDR2, but in a sense and board you are running you should be looking and running at exactly 2.02v or 2.00v as that would go to spec better and clean you passway to make OC effort for 3rd party timings on tRTR and tWTR which can/should be lowered from board defaults by 1T (3rd timings should look something like: 7-3-4-3-5-3-5).

          as what goes to 3rd party memory tweaking tools. Yeah, there's always MemSet, but that will earn you 100% sure instability so my advice is forget it.

          1:1 Memory array (400Mhz Strap):
          CL: 4
          RCD: 4
          RP: 4
          Ras: 14
          RRD: 3
          RFC: 42
          WR: 10
          RPT: 3

          RTW: 7
          WTR: 2,4
          RTR: 4,5
          WTW: 4,5

          WTP: 15
          RTP: 10
          PTP: 1
          PRE to Active/REF: 5

          Static Read: Disabled
          'Clock Twister': Strongest you can add it.
          Performance Level: 7

          Voltage: 1.972v-2.002v
          Minimum North Bridge Voltage: 1.488v (Actual voltage not an BIOS voltage check this at operating system)

          Here is more functional setupping:

          If this doesn't work get back to me. However, that above I just tested that with same PI-Black memory here on ASUS board.
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            Genet... thanks for the reply

            I'll give your setting a go this weekend.


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              hmm, there's also flop on BIOS on this board it seems. When you reset settings it will allow you to go for more than 42T RFC funny bug. It only allows what it thinks is largest "ideal".

              Either way those setting should work with 42t RFC no matter how you put it. The tRCD and tWR is the worst trouble makers really tRCD affects speed greatly the tWR doesn't really matter what you put there.
              "Sex is like freeware, shareware on weekends. When do we get to open source?" -TwL

              Thanks AMD/ATI for banning legit customers who asks questions of your screw-ups: