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Can't overclock q9550 on striker ii formula

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  • Can't overclock q9550 on striker ii formula

    I have 2X2 gb of g.skill pc8500 pi series and a Q9550. I want to run FSB 1800 and memory 900 so it will be 1:1 ratio. i need help in tuning timings for my memories. i alsohave an advadced timings in my bios. what should i write here?
    Thank you

    Q9550 with Mugen 2 Cooler
    Asus Striker 2 Formula
    PI 8500 (not black)
    Corsair TX750 PSU
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    "what should you write here?"

    use this as an reference:

    latencies you are looking at are 4-4-3-14 to be on good side from the list. please read corrections & references of rest of advanced timings from URL above.

    NOTE: This is designed with 4x2GB set all will work on your board. However, you only have 2x2GB so you can use tighter timings than this. Think it more at pointing to right direction, if you want clean 1800 + 900 Mhz memory.. It's there as it should be in 2x2GB as well as in 4x2GB both in these speeds will work fine.


    To OC to 1800 FSB. You will need REAL northbridge voltages at 1.440v(this is 1.39v in your BIOS when overclocking do not in anycase leave NB core voltages to 'Auto' this would be 1.65v in northbridge) minimum to be stable. Also the Q9550 core needs quite an voltage raise on CPU voltage and VTT (I will not add voltages to this one since I do not know your cooling solution just for caution). So, please make sure you have good cooling solution on board.
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      1.44 for NV northbridge? isn't it too much?


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        1.40V in the BIOS. DDR VTT voltage needs to be about the same as well. Have you tried this? What were the results? Let us know so we can further assist you.

        Thank you


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          You mean 1.40 for NB? Also i don't have option for ddr vtt. only ddr voltage and ddr gtl ref. Anyway even with 1.40 it doesn't work at stock speed (800 mhz, 1066 mhz and 1066mhz with sli ready memory option enabled) and timings 5-5-5-15-2T. It takes more than two minutes to load windows (Vista x64 SP2) and Prime 95 gives an error after less than 10 seconds: "rounding was 0.5 expecting less than 0.4" sometimes followed by BSOD.

          As i wrote before the memory and cpu work fine on my sister's pc with P5Q-EM board, and i can run Striker 2 with simple memory (667 MHz 1x2gb) without problems, so i sure there no failed hardware.

          Also i've tried different versions of bios. Result remains the same. Now it version 1802.


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            lol on 1.4..

            I added respond to my topic on this and VTT will only go on mV:s +30 or something. 1.4v probably was meant for NB and and yeah.. That's not gonna be good either. It'll need actual 1.472v to be functional on North Bridge so dump NB to 1.43-1.45v to get stability. After this reboot couple times before testing so it stabilizes the Fine delays. About VTT in matter of fact CPU VTT change wouldn't do too bad to be +0.02v from usual overclocked stable. (example. I'm running 450FSB cores at 3,6Ghz usual 1:1 would require only 1.32v on CPU VTT to be stable, but any ratio setting to stabilize needs 1.34v. So, as you see it has really small but effective affect)

            Try timings DDR2-1081Mhz 5-5-5-17-4-65-7-4 (cl-rcd-rp-ras-rrd-rfc-wr-rtp) and dump DDR voltages to 2.20v on BIOS should do 2.320v on OS, but try with this. Rest you can read on my testing topic.
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              trp- don't have this option. when i set ddr 1080 and fsb 1800 with timings you gave it doesn;t work. blue screen at windows loading.
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                no, that is probbaly unstabilized North bridge or CPU clocking and not the memory. Check the North bridge voltage with slower memory speed at Windows to match the 1.440v - 1.472v with Lavalys Everest sensors page. Then add the memory speeds as accordingly to above > run an MemTest on blocks specifically check that compilation of Test #5 and Test #7 neither are erroring out, if they are verify the memory voltage at Windows to be what I said above.

                It will not BSOD, if the values are correct and tRP is 3rd value of primary values. CL-RCD-"RP"-RAS they haven't made board with out tRP since 90s. Further more Windows doesn't BSOD without reason that is always either voltage or general memory errors depending setup. 1800Mhs FSB is so high every single value needs to be correct. Any value not correct and you will more than likely receive extra BSOD just for fun by microsoft.

                Q9550 will be at 3825Mhz at these conditions. This is completely depending the CPU specific VID how much VTT or CPU voltage it needs IF it even can go this high. Also, if the core -> motherboard -> memory as these speeds are so high this might introduce errors from memory just for too low north bridge for example if this core would be Q9450 (8.0x max) 470FSB under ASUS board this would be near impossible to be done because you couldn't get stable the memory understandable data from CPU through north bridge.
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                  after my last post windows didnt boot at all (bsod whileloading) even with the lowest multiplier and after cmos reset, so i decided to gave up and took my pc to store i bought most of my parts from, so i hope their technics will find out what is wrong and set maximum overclcock.
                  anyway thank you for attention and help, as soon as i will get my pc back i'll update what was wrong with it


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                    one of the problems seems to be solved. i needed a ups.
                    now i can run stable on stock settings and everything auto or i can overclock it to fsb 1644. when it set at 1644 the memory goes 1057mhz. is it ok?
                    at 1644 fsb the system is stable (9 hours p95 blend test), but if i push 1 mhz more i start geting errors like rounding was 0.5 expected less than 0.4.
                    nb 1.48
                    sb 1.50
                    vtt 1.34
                    cpu 1.35
                    ram 2.1
                    what should i do for 1700-1800mhz fsb?
                    thank you


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                      You may not need such a high NB, try lowering slightly to see if it will be stable. For a higher FSB, you'll simply have to fine tune it and trial/error to get the voltages spot on.

                      Thank you
                      GSKILL SUPPORT


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                        i've tried your settings but i could'nt get it stable.
                        maximum i can get stable is FSB 1666 and DDR 1060 with timings 5-5-5-15-2T

                        rrd 4
                        rc 41
                        wr 5
                        wtr 10
                        ref 7.8
                        rd 7
                        rfc 58


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                          Might raise tRFC to 64-66 area for stability. If that does it, then can gradually reduce it bit by bit if possible

                          Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here:



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                            tWR needs to be 8 in order to operate above DDR2-1066.

                            Thank you
                            GSKILL SUPPORT


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                              I've tried to use timings you advised but no luck.
                              I've played whith it a little more and could make it stable with fsb of 1806mhz and memory 1067 mhz(1067.2). all timings set on auto and SLI READY MEMORY option set to EXPERT. it run prime 95 for almost 10 hours and everything looking good, except of memory latency. it is 71.6 ns and I had 50.1ns before i overclocked (according to Everest memory latency benchmark).
                              I've set all timings to auto and bios set them to:

                              tCL 5
                              tRCD 5
                              tRP 5
                              tRAS 15
                              CMD 2T

                              Advanced memory settings:
                              tRRD 5
                              tRC 49 --->CAN MANUALLY SET UP TO 31
                              tWR 5
                              tWTR 11
                              tREF 7.8
                              tRD 7
                              tRFC 68

                              ALSO NEEDED TO SET:
                              2.12 V ON DDR2
                              DDRII CONTROLER REF VOLTAGE +30MV
                              DDRII CHANEL "A" REF VOLTAGE +30MV
                              DDRII CHANEL "A" REF VOLTAGE +30MV

                              is there any way to get lower latency?
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