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Asus Maximus V Extreme + Trident X DDR3-2400

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  • Asus Maximus V Extreme + Trident X DDR3-2400

    I am having the darndest time trying to get my new 16gb kit to run even at stock DD3-2400 with no cpu overclocking. (Using a 3770k)

    The highest I can get is DDR3-2000 with no posts at values higher. Even using the "auto overclock" feature on the board puts the CPU at 46x100 and the ram at DDR3-1866.

    What gives? I have followed the guide\sticky showing how to manually force X.M.P., 1.65vdc, correct timiings and DDR3-2400 frequency\divider all to no avail.

    I did notice, even when I have manually set the ram to 1.65v at DDR3-2000, CPU-Z shows the voltage at 1.35 (or something very close).

    I have updated the bios to the most recent with no luck.

    Any suggestions?

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    I'd try setting the OC on the CPU first (to 44 anyway), then go back to BIOS and enable XMP and try. If no joy go back to BIOS check your settings - if need be manually set the DRAM voltage to spec (1.65 to 1.68) and VCCSA to 1.16 or so and let us know

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      I actually tried to manually set vdimm to 1.65 and ran the cpus at 39x100 and got no love above DDR3-2000 with and without using XMP.

      I didn't try setting VCCSA to 1.16. I'll do that next.

      I also spoke to Asus tech support and they sad if the board isn't holding\allowing vdimm to remain at 1.65, I should either replace the power supply or the board. ><

      I'll try the VCCSA tonight and a spare set of DDR3-1600 Baslitic Tracers I have to see if they hold 1.5v.


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        Good idea, and might want to try a different PSU if you have or can borrow, I have a feeling it's the mobo, the PSU directly anyway, should effect the BIOS settings to change from 1.65 to 1.35 or whatever - it might not get the proper juice in and freeze or whatever, but shouldn't effect the BIOS settings themselves

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          My sincerest apologies for wasting anyones time at G.Skill.

          After wasting an hour of my time with ASUS tech support telling me:

          1) My power supply was providing the wrong voltage to the RAM
          2) My psu was providing TOO much power to the motherboard because I had the supplemental PCI-E 6pin port plugged in without running quad-sli
          3) The SPD tab in CPU-Z was a real time display of the ram's performance and not just what it was reading from the SPD chip on the ram
          4) That the ram HAD to be running at 1.625VDC and that the BIOS and AI Suite MUST be reading the ram wrong because ram couldn't POSSIBLY boot when underclocked if the correct voltage wasn't present

          ....I finally had enough of the sheer stupidity that was 4 different techs at ASUS and told them I would drive to work, grab a multimeter and use the ROG "Probelt" measure points on the motherboard to read the actual DRAM voltages.

          Low and behold....the f'n board is putting out 1.328 VDC.

          I seriously am regretting buying a board from a company who can't hire a single person with an IQ over their age. =/

          Anyway, just to prove a point, I bought 2 more Maximus V Extremes from two different retailers tonight and will promptly return them and inform them ASUS said not to reshelf them but rather to make sure the were RTV'd. They wasted my time...the least I can do is waste some of their RMA departments time in return.

          I will post back once I get a replacement board to lett you know if things actually work out.

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            I like the way you think and work I've used Asus mobos since I don't remember when, and every time there was ever a problem with one (and I knew it was a problem with the mobo) and we are talking in excess of 30 BAD mobos, their 'tech' support folks ALWAYS wanted to blame the problem on something else (normally DRAM and on occasion PSU or CPU) and I also learned early on to never RMA through them (they always seem to send a used/manhandled refurb as a replacement). And as with most mobo makers their support folks are, to me, lacking in any real knowledge of computers, seems like all of them answer from scripts based on keywords they enter based on what you say to them - and a computer tells them what to blame. As I said, I still build on Asus, but when possible I try and steer my clients towards ASRock or GigaByte...because I think Asus is basically living off it's name.

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