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Help with OC my 8GB x2 ripjawsX 1866 memory

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  • Help with OC my 8GB x2 ripjawsX 1866 memory

    Hi all, im new to the forum and this is my first gamers system ive ever had. I don't have experience with OCing a system and looking for help on a safe overclock method & settings for system. any help is greatly appreciated! I don't really play games all that much, but I do a lot of graphic design work and looking to safely tweak the most out of my system. I use photoshop on occasion, but mostly Adobe Illustrator. Although I might get into some games to see what my system can do, and have a little fun in the process I suppose.

    system is as follows:
    ASUS M5A97 AM3+ Motherboard
    AMD FX 8350 4.0Ghz 8core processor (currently running at 4.3ghz)
    Radeon HD 7990 Graph Card 6gb memory and dual gpu's
    Gskill 2x 8GB ripjaws X 1866 memory (currently running at about 1333mhz)
    cyberpower 240 liquid cooling and 3 case fans
    windows 8.1 pro 64bit

    also have overclock software from ASUS that came with board & the AMD overdrive utility.

    thanks to all for any help to a beginning OC'er.

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    Follow this guide and let us know how you do:

    Thank you